How Does One Get The Power To Change Course In Life?

Suffering miserably, I trembled as I asked my spiritual advisor the secret to good health and happiness.

“Go, listen to the Spoken Word, eat the Body of Christ in the form of the Eucharist at Mass, and confess your sins,” he replied.

I told him I thought I needed a better doctor and more health insurance.

“Nonsense,” he said.  “Physically you are fine. What you need is a spiritual awakening! What you need is a dose of the Doctors of the Church.”He proceded to tell me that I was already vainly reciting the same prayer St. Augustine used while living in his Mother’s basement with his pregnant mistress: “God, I know I need to be rid of my evil ways, BUT NOT YET!”

So, having exhausted all prior options and afraid that sacrificing a live chicken in suburbia would upset the neighbors, I stepped into a Catholic Church for the first time in years.  Before too long The Holy Spirit began to talk to me and recommended I go to Confession and get a new start on life by wiping away all the built-up sin and grime and dirt.

After confession, my first in decades, I felt like I could fly.

So, for once in my life I followed orders exactly: I went to Mass every day, I listened, paid attention, concentrated and consecrated my efforts in life. I also received Holy Communion daily: The Bread of Life.

I have been keeping this daily routine supplemented with lots of prayer and spiritual reading since 2007; and you know what? I have had a spiritual recovery. My Old friend Peter calls it a “CONVERSION.”  Like Saul in the Scripture: the scales fell from my eyes.

One of the landmark books that told me I was on the right track way “Holy Spirit” by Father Edward Leen.  Father Leen says if you do the daily diet of Mass and Communion and you keep your life in a helpful, grateful and useful frame of mind with lots of good works: you will be filled with an “indwelling of the Holy Spirit.”

It happened to me exactly the way my spiritual advisor and Fr. Leen promised.  And I am reborn.

But like a Space Walker tethered to the mother ship by a three inch diameter chord: I know that a mortal sin just now will slam the hatch, sever my relationship with God, and I could float off into space before I come to my senses and return to the Spiritual Life again!

I read other “Spiritual Classics” also, like the works of St Francis de Sales and Thomas Aquinas; but no book so startled me with its personal message to me as Father Leen’s “Holy Spirit.”

If you need to turn your life around there is a spiritual path that works!


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