Meet Charlie Sheen’s “Awesome Godesses”

Psst! Charlie Sheen. Young women who give up sexual favors for financial gain are called prostitutes and not “Awesome Godesses.”
Well, maybe Hollywood is different!
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Charlie Sheen got to introduce the world to his “goddesses” during his well-publicized ’20/20′ interviewon Tuesday night.He explains they are his reason for getting up. “My beautiful, perfect, lovely family that is pure magic. I keep looking around and go ‘wow,’ not only do I deserve this, but it’s on. We win so radically in our underwear before our first cup of coffee that it’s scary. People say it’s lonely at the top, but I sure like the view.”The focus was on his “goddesses.” Specifically, Natalie Kenley, a former nanny and model, and porn star Rachel Oberlin, better known to her fans and Howard Stern listeners anywhere as Bree Olson — both of whom are Sheen’s live-in girlfriends at his home he calls Sober Valley Lodge.What’s life like in the lodge? Sheen told ABC it’s where “all things beautiful” happen. “It’s clean, there’s cleansing, there’s healing here. There’s children, there’s laughter. There’s beautiful women and perfect food. We just win.”

Charlie Sheen Goddesses Rachel Oberlin (Bree Olson) and Natalie Kenley
Above: Natalie Kenley (left) and Rachel Oberlin, aka adult film star Bree Olson, with Sheen in ‘Sober Valley Lodge’

Oberlin says of life with their trio on the lodge: “Natalie and Charlie have their own special connection. I have my own connection with Charlie, and then she and I have our own relationship.”

For a little more on Sheen’s better two-thirds, check out what AOL’s Surge Desk has rounded up.
1. Oberlin spent some time in juvie
In January, Radar reported that Oberlin spent two years in a juvenile detention center in Indiana before starting her career in the adult entertainment industry.

2. And that wasn’t her only run-in with the law
Just a few weeks ago, Oberlin was arrested for drunken driving after being pulled over in Fort Wayne, Ind.

3. Sheen isn’t Kenly’s first celebrity love interest
Before hooking up with Charlie, Kenly dated hard-rocker Shifty Shellshock from the band Crazy Town.

4. Kenly may be something of a marijuana enthusiast
Kenly is a former model for Cali Chronic X magazine and was recently honored as “Chronic Girl 2010.”

5. They are acting like mother figures to Sheen’s kids
So you are probably thinking that can’t be good, but for better or worse, both girls seem to have Sheen’s blessing as maternal figures in his children’s lives. And while they admit that their living arrangement is a bit unconventional, the women appear, at least in this ‘Good Morning America’ video, to keep the party lifestyle away from their home.



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