Entering “The Year of the Snake”

Great snakes!: The Chinese have an irrational fear of the snake, yet the representation of the zodiac animal includes a bittersweet tale of vows and hearts broken and love transcending disaster,Raymond Zhou reports. Let’s face it: The snake has an image problem. >>

Unraveling the myths and charms of snakes


China’s creator had snake body

Unraveling the myths and charms of snakes

Chinese mythology says Nuwa, the original ancestor of the Chinese nation, had the body of a snake, a human head and the virtue of a divine being. She is the goddess who separated heaven from the earth, creating the Divine Land (China).

Peace-loving Nuwa delighted in making things. She molded figures from the yellow earth and gave them life and the ability to bear children, creating humanity. >>

Much more at:

China Daily Website



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