U.S. Warned Uganda About ‘Specific’ Terrorist Threat to International Airport

Terrorism: America has warned that Uganda’s international airport, in the city of Entebbe, should be alert to a terrorist attack on Thursday evening

UPDF soldiers and police forces patrol streets in Kampala  after the US embassy in Uganda warned of a 'specific threat' by an unknown group to attack Entebbe international airport

UPDF soldiers and police forces patrol streets in Kampala after the US embassy in Uganda warned of a ‘specific threat’ by an unknown group to attack Entebbe international airport Photo: PETER BUSOMOKE/AFP

The US Embassy in Uganda  warned on Thursday of a specific threat by an unknown terrorist group to attack the country’s only international airport.

The Entebbe International Airport could be attacked on Thursday between 9pm and 11pm local time, the embassy said on its website, citing information obtained from Ugandan police.

The statement urged US citizens travelling through Entebbe around that time to “review their plans in light of this information.”

There is a “continued threat of potential terrorist attacks in the country,” with targets ranging from nightclubs to government offices, the statement said.

The airport, which is about 22 miles south of Kampala, the Ugandan capital, was the scene in 1976 of a successful Israeli military operation to rescue dozens of hostages held by pro-Palestinian hijackers.

The warning from the embassy came the day after the US government called for tighter security measures at foreign airports that have direct flights to the US. There are no direct flights from Uganda to America – most flights connect through Europe.

Ignie Igundura, the spokesman for Uganda’s Civil Aviation Authority, said there were no plans to temporarily close the airport over a terror threat. He said the airport had since taken some security measures that he declined to talk about.

Ugandan police have also issued several terror alerts in recent times, warning that the Somali Islamic extremist group al-Shabaab may be plotting a major attack on Ugandan territory.

Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for deadly attacks in July 2010 that targeted restaurants and bars showing World Cup games on giant screens in Kampala. The group was also behind an attack on an upscale mall in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, in which scores were killed.

Both Uganda and Kenya have sent troops into Somalia to battle the militants under the banner of the African Union.


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