Chinese new-type bomber planes fly between Taiwan, Philippines


The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force conducted its first military training in Pacific Ocean via Luzon Strait located between Batanes and Taiwan on March 30, 2015. This was confirmed by a spokesman for PLA Air Force.

“Training in the airspace far from China is an effective way for the PLA Air Force to temper its combat capability and also a common practice of world powers’ air forces,” PLAAF spokesperson Colonel Shen Jinke said.

The PLAAF spokesman said new-type bomber planes flew to the west of Pacific Ocean for training via the Bashi Channel (part of Luzon Strait) on March 30 and returned on the same day after finishing the training and achieving the given goal.

China’s Air Force spokesman added that the said training was in accordance with relevant international laws and practices and is not aimed at any country or target and poses no threat to any country or region.


The Manila Times

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Tuesday refused to comment on reports that Chinese military aircraft conducted drills over waters off Batanes early this week.

The drills were part of Beijing’s first aerial exercises over the western Pacific Ocean early this week.

“I’ll let you know if and when we’ll issue a statement,” Charles Jose, Foreign Affairs spokesman, said after The Manila Times asked him to comment on the news reports dispatched by China’s state news agency, Xinhua.

Highlighting Beijing’s growing military reach, several aircraft from China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on Monday flew over the Pacific Ocean via the Bashi Channel, which runs between Taiwan and the Philippines, it said.

“This is the first time that the PLA Air Force conducted such drills in an airspace far offshore from Chinese coastlines,” the news agency quoted Army spokesman Shen Jinke as saying.

The drills aimed to “level up the PLA Air Force’s mobility and combativeness” over the “high seas,” Xinhua reported.

“The [drills are] not targeted at any certain country or targets and [carry] no threat against other countries and regions,” it again quoted Shen as saying.

The Bashi Channel is a waterway between Y’Ami Island of the Philippines and Orchid Island of Taiwan. It is a part of the Luzon Strait in the Pacific Ocean.

Y’Ami Island

The Bashi Channel is an important passage for military operations, according to a 2007 edition of the Power and Interest News Report.

Both Taiwan and the Philippines dispute ownership of the waters.


 (Contains links to related previous articles)

 (Contains links to related previous articles)


China says it owns all the South China Sea north of the “nine dash line” shown above

China claims ownership of about 90% of the South China Sea. Most of China’s neighbors believe otherwise.

The chart below shows the area declared by China on 1 January 2014 as “an area under China’s jurisdiction.” China says “foreign fishing vessels” can only enter and work in this area with prior approval from China. Vietnam, the Philippines and others have said they will not comply with China’s law. Experts say, this could be the geographic area that China could declare an air defense identification zone (ADIZ).




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