University of Hong Kong says Talk of Independence is Unrealistic — Teachers told not to ‘encourage’ independence talk in schools for youngsters


The University of Hong Kong says the debate on the SAR’s independence is not realistic and is not in its best interest.

Vice-chancellor Peter Mathieson read out the statement by the HKU’s senior management, saying the school remains committed to building closer ties with mainland institutions.

But the statement also noted that debate on any complex or controversial issues should be allowed on campus as long as students understand possible legal consequences of their actions.

Mathieson was speaking after a welcoming ceremony for HKU’s new students.

Speaking at the occassion, the president of HKU’s Students’ Union, Althea Suen, bashed the government for trying to curb discussions on Hong Kong independence in secondary schools.

She said this is a sign of the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts to intervene with every aspect of Hong Kong.

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Teachers told not to ‘encourage’ independence talk

2016-08-25 HKT 11:58

Some operators say schools should discourage political discussions. Image: Shutterstock

At least three school operators have told their teachers not to encourage discussions on Hong Kong’s independence.

Tung Wah Schools and the Sisters of Precious Blood issued guidelines, saying the spread of political messages in schools is inappropriate, and teachers should remain politically neutral.

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, which runs 18 secondary schools, has issued guidelines stating that it was inappropriate for anyone to spread political messages on campuses. It also told teachers to guide students to understand different social issues in an objective manner.

Sisters of the Precious Blood has also had similar guidelines for its 11 primary and secondary schools, stating that schools should remain politically neutral.

Meanwhile, Yan Chai Hospital, which runs six schools, said teachers would be reminded that they should prevent students from being misled to join unlawful activities.


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