South Korea’s President ParK Says North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons and Missiles Pose an Imminent Threat


South Korean protesters demonstrating against North Korea’s latest nuclear test, in Seoul on Sept 12, 2016. PHOTO: AFP

SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missiles pose an imminent threat, South Korea’s President Park Geun Hye said on Monday (Sept 12), as tensions rose on the Korean Peninsula in the wake of North Korea’s nuclear test last week.

“North Korea is warning of additional provocations and this may bring danger of war to the Korean peninsula and various types of provocations and terrorist attacks can happen,” Ms Park said in a meeting with major political party leaders.

A South Korea Foreign Ministry official said on Monday that the United Nations Security Council should adopt a new resolution on North Korea after its fifth nuclear test that closes loopholes left in the last resolution adopted in March.

The resolution should also expand the scope of North Korean entities and individuals targeted, the senior official told a group of reporters on condition of anonymity. He did not elaborate on what loopholes he was referring to.

The Security Council resolution adopted in March following the North’s fourth nuclear test in January exempted North Korean exports of coal and some other minerals for “livelihood purposes” from a trade ban, which was seen as a loophole that would be difficult monitor.

Last Friday, North Korea carried out its fifth and strongest nuclear test to date.

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