Australians petition to put Steve Irwin on currency

BBC News

Crikey! Could this face soon be appearing on Australian banknotes? KYLE RYAN

A petition calling for Australia to put the late conservationist Steve Irwin on its currency has gathered almost 20,000 signatures.

Irwin, known as the Crocodile Hunter after his wildlife television show, died in 2006 when a stingray’s tail stabbed him in the heart.

The petition calls on citizens to pay their respects to the “all time greatest Australian bloke”.

But it remains unclear whether the petition will have any impact.

The petition calls for fans to “go one step further” in recognising Steve Irwin’s efforts. GETTY IMAGES

“We started this petition because the newer generation barely knows who is representing our currency,” Kyle Ryan, one of the founders of the petition told the BBC.

“We believed that having a childhood icon and conservationist like Steve would be a great idea for his 10th anniversary.”

Steve Irwin’s face has already appeared on Australian currency once, in a 2009 series of dollar coins commemorating Inspirational Australians.

The chief executive of the Royal Australian Mint said the petition “highlighted the passion throughout a sub-section of the Australian community to recognise Mr Irwin” and invited people to send in a formal proposal.

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