Fighting over lobsters: US state of Maine blasts Sweden call to ban imports by the EU


Frank Carlson breaks a claw off a lobster at the Sea Hag Seafood processing plant in St. George, Maine. Retail prices for lobsters have remained high into September 2016 with consumers typically paying a few dollars more than the previous year. Photo: AP

The Associated Press

Maine lobster industry representatives, politicians and scientists said on Friday that they will dig in against a Swedish proposal to ban imports of American lobster into Europe.

The international dispute started when Sweden announced that it had found 32 American lobsters in the country’s waters earlier this year and that they pose a threat to native crustaceans. The Swedes want a ban on lobster imports into the European Union, but lobster industry leaders and scientists in the US and Canada say the request isn’t based on sound science.

US Senator Angus King, an independent, said the group will pressure the US government to keep opposing the proposed ban that’s wending its way through the European Union. The US State Department said earlier this year that it would work to make sure exports of lobsters are not restricted without justification.

“We believe in our lobsters. Our lobsters are strong, and great,” King said. “But they’re not going to take over all of Europe.”

 Alibaba’s chairman Jack Ma, left, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pick up lobsters during their meeting at Alibaba’s headquarters in Hangzhou, China. The Alibaba Group is the owner of the South China Morning Post. Photo: AP

The EU announced this month it will conduct a more extensive review of the proposal after a scientific panel concluded Sweden raised valid points in its request to declare the American lobster an invasive species. It won’t likely be completed until at least next spring.

Three members of Maine’s congressional delegation spoke out against the proposal at a news conference at a Portland lobster dealer on Friday, and the other member is also on board with the push. Industry representatives said the fight against the ban is important to protect jobs and preserve a key piece of the state’s economy.

Robert Steneck, a marine ecologist with the University of Maine, said concerns over the possibility of American lobster emerging as an invasive species in European waters are overblown, because there isn’t evidence that American lobsters can reproduce and thrive in Europe.

“The best available science says this does not meet the measure of an invasive species,” he said.

Maine is the biggest lobster fishing state in the US. America exports about US$150 million of lobster to the European Union every year. Canada also sells lobster to Europe.

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