Paul Ryan Rejects Obama, John Kerry Policy on Iran

Yesterday, Speaker Ryan called out the Obama administration for coddling Iran with unprecedented cash ransom payments in exchange for unjustly detained Americans. Last night, his comments were featured on Fox News’s Special Report with Bret Baier.

Here are some highlights from the segment:

“House Speaker Paul Ryan is lashing out against Secretary of State John Kerry, saying he’s a quote ‘shill for Iran.’ The harsh criticism comes as the lawmakers examine the ramifications of a $1.7 billion payment to the Islamic Republic.”

. . . .

“With the GOP-led Congress holding fresh hearings on the secret cash payments the U.S. made to Iran in January—payments that settled a longstanding court dispute over frozen Iranian funds that were only disclosed in full in the last two weeks—the top House Republican used extraordinarily blunt language to accuse the Obama administration of coddling the Islamic regime.”

. . . .

“Ryan’s comments came after aides to Secretary of State John Kerry admitted last week that the Iran nuclear deal may have emboldened the regime to become more aggressive toward the U.S., and admitted that they couldn’t guarantee every dollar used in the payouts to Iran—$1.7 billion in all, and all in hard foreign currency—had been kept out of the hands of the terror groups that Iran sponsors.”



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