Philippine President Duterte’s Drug War Becomes Even More Efficient: Hours After Surrender, Drug Dealers Are Visited By Vigilante Assassins and Killed

Philippines drug war — Killing at the Hangar Market Baguio City, September 23, 2016. Photo by Baguio City Police

BAGUIO CITY, Philippines – Two persons identified in their communities as drug surrenderers were separately killed by unidentified men two days in a row here.

On Thursday, September 22, at 11:26 am, Chona Oliveros, a manicurist, was shot by a lone gunman while she was giving a pedicure to a customer at a sari-sari store at Hangar market.

Police report says the 47-year-old victim was shot 3 times – once on the head and twice on her body. Her body was identified by her live-in partner Clemente Dumo Vega, 39.

Earlier reports said Oliveros was a drug surrenderer and was on the drug watchlist of Station 2 of the Baguio City Police. The station said, however, that the case is under investigation.



On Friday, September 23, at 11:10 am, mechanic Michael Agbuya was shot dead by two gunmen while at his garage on Lopez Jaena.

The 40-year-old victim, a married man, was shot several times by the suspects but managed to run to his house, where he fell dead on the floor. The suspects fled on foot.

Agbuya is a drug surrenderer. –


In this file photo, fog seems to rise from the mountains in this show from Mine’s View Park in Baguio City. Frisno Boström
BAGUIO CITY, Philippines – Yet another drug personality fell at the hands of assassins minutes before lunch Friday.
Mario Agbuya, 41, was shot by assassins three times in front of his own home along Lopez Jaena street in Aurora Hill.
Police said Agbuya earlier surrendered to police for drug peddling.
Since July, 18 have been killed in Baguio City for their alleged drug-related activities.
At Thursday noon, a woman said to be at the top of the drug watch list of Baguio Police Station 2 was also shot along Hangar Market road in upper Magsaysay Ave. while doing a customer’s nails.
Bagui City Mayor Mauricio Domogan has already ordered the Baguio City Police Office to form a team that will investigate drug-related deaths that happen outside of legitimate police operations. As of Sept.19, four people had died in police operations.
Domogan gave the order in response to drug-related killings in the city that happened near school zones.
“This will reflect on the image of the city and the image of the police,” the mayor said this week. “We should conduct investigations on who is responsible.”
The Senate is holding hearings on the rise in drug-related extrajudicial killings. According to the Philippine National Police, it has 1,971 cases of “death under investigation”, with investigations ongoing on 1,660 of those. The PNP also said 197 cases have been solved, meaning arrests have already been made.



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