Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May: Britain to start EU exit process by the end of March


 © Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May looks out of the window at the BBC studio in Birmingham, England on October 2, 2016.


Latest update : 2016-10-02

Prime Minister Theresa May said Sunday that Britain would start the formal process for leaving the European Union by the end of March 2017.

Before now May has only said that Britain would not trigger Article 50 of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty — which sets a maximum two-year clock ticking until a country’s departure from the 28-member bloc — before the end of this year.

May said she would be giving further details during her speech Sunday to her governing centre-right Conservative Party’s on the opening day of its annual conference in Birmingham, central England.

“I’ve been saying that we wouldn’t trigger before the end of this year so that we get the preparation in place,” she told BBC television.

“We will trigger before the end of March next year.”

She said that once Article 50 had been triggered, it would be up to the rest of the EU to decide how the negotiation process goes ahead.

“I hope, and I’ll be saying to them, that now that they know what our timing is going to be — it’s not an exact date but it’s going to be in the first quarter of next year — that we’ll be able to have some preparatory work so that once the trigger comes, we have a smoother process of negotiation,” she said of the coming months.

She said the June 23 referendum vote to leave the EU vote contained a clear message that the British public wanted the movement of people from the rest of the EU to be controlled.

“We will deliver on that,” she said.

“What people want is to know that the government is able to decide who can come into and set the rules for who can come into the country.

“We will look at the various ways that we can bring in the control that the British people want and ensuring… that the brightest and best can come to the UK.”

Earlier she announced a “Great Repeal Bill” to end the authority of EU law once Britain leaves the union.

The legislation will overturn laws that make EU regulations supreme, enshrine all EU rules in domestic law and confirm the British parliament can amend them as it wants.

.@theresa_may needs to tell us what Brexit really means. We can’t start the process without any idea of where we’re going.

“This marks the first stage in the UK becoming a sovereign and independent country once again,” May told The Sunday Times newspaper.

“It will return power and authority to the elected institutions of our country. It means that the authority of EU law in Britain will end.”



Peace and Freedom Note: The migrants are just doing what rational people do when their homes are destroyed, their national economic system is destroyed and nobody in the world seems capable of making things better. They risked their lives to seek better homes, jobs, more money and more food. Obama is to blame. Anf Putin and Merkel. The European Union is to blame.

“What Happened After President Obama Failed To Support His Own Red Line in Syria? He Unleashed Hell”

Peace and Freedom Commentary

Last week we spoke to several U.S. military men and women with intimate familiarity with the situation in Syria.

Most of the mainstream news still covers Syria — though  not in a very aggressive way any more.

We spoke at length to one U.S. senior officer who just visited the Aleppo area of Syria. He talked about the mounting civilian death toll, the lack of humanitarian aid and water, and the breakdown of rescue and medical systems. He said Russia and Syria here using incendiary bombs, cluster bombs and perhaps even chemical weapons.

I asked him for his honest opinion on President Obama’s “red line” and what has happened since President Obama failed to enforce his “red line.”

“With that one decision, President Obama unleashed hell,” the senior U.S. officer told us.

“Russia came in on Assad’s side in a big way. Obama said Putin would wind up in a quagmire. That didn’t happen. Syria is now mostly ruined. Refugees have headed out into the world by the thousands with no idea where to go or how to get there. People are dying today in Aleppo because of the failure of America — and specifically the President of the United States. Sometimes, failure to act is the worst possible thing in the world to do.”

“And Assad is still using chemical weapons, our testing tells us. We gained nothing and we lost it all.”

As a Secretary of State in the Obama Administration, Hillary Clinton had an intimate role in creating the situation the world finds itself in today.

President Obama recently urged his supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton. Obama said if they did not vote for Hillary Clinton, he would consider the vote as an insult to his legacy.

Only an idiot could look at the world today, the world largely shaped by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry — and applaud.

Add to that Hillary Clinton’s use of an email system with no security protections whatsoever — and a pile of lies during the cover up — and what Hillary Clinton deserves is a brief trial for treason followed by the appropriate punishment.





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