Clinton hater interrupts Fox News live shot yelling “Bill Clinton is a rapist” before being removed by security

By Joe Concha – 10/01/16 10:24 AM EDT

An onlooker interrupted a Fox News live outdoors shot Saturday, repeatedly yelling “Bill Clinton is a rapist” before being removed by security.

The incident appeared to be linked to conservative radio host Alex Jones, who on Friday offered $5,000 to any listener who appeared on national TV calling Clinton a rapist.
The incident occurred just before 8 a.m. as “Fox & Friends” hosts Tucker Carlson, Abby Huntsman and Ed Henry were live from the streets of midtown Manhattan, introducing a segment on a charity event for shelter pets.
Among the onlookers behind the hosts, a man appearing to be in his twenties climbed a security railing and removed his outer shirt, revealing underneath a T-shirt sold by Jones, which features Clinton’s face above the word “rape.” The shirt was designed by former Trump adviser Roger Stone.
He yelled “Bill Clinton is a rapist” five times, clinging to the security railing as security forces wrestled him out of the shot.
“We’ve got a very excited young man behind us,” joked a laughing Tucker Carlson.
The heckler briefly escaped from security and was able to work his way back behind on camera. The producers took the hosts off camera as a precaution, placing a generic graphic of the “Fox & Friends” logo on the screen instead for a few seconds until it security had complete control of the situation.
On his Infowars radio show, Jones on Friday hawked the Clinton “rape” t-shirt and offered big money to anyone who wears the shirt and calls Clinton a rapist on television.
“Anyone that gets on national TV with the shirt clearly, for more than five seconds, gets $1,000. That means behind cameras, you name it. Anyone that gets it on air on national TV and gets the words out ‘Bill Clinton is a rapist,’ or things along that line, with a bullhorn — I could go to this right now, $5,000.”
Donald Trump’s and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns have been trading accusations of mistreatment of women for months. The arguing reached a fever pitch this week following Trump’s controversial comments about a former Miss Universe who now backs Clinton.
Trump on Friday told the New York Times he “was considering” attacking the Clintons’ marriage and added, “Hillary Clinton was married to the single greatest abuser of women in the history of politics. Hillary was an enabler, and she attacked the women who Bill Clinton mistreated afterward.”
Updated at 3:38 p.m.

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