Another Mass Fish Kill In Vietnam

By VN News

Over 10 tonnes of fish have died in the West Lake in Hanoi due to lack of oxygen according to local authorities.

The mass fish deaths were seen from October 1 near the Trich Sai, Lac Long Quan, and Thanh Nien streets where environment workers had collected hundreds kilograms.

The largest number of dead fish were seen floating near Trich Sai and Nguyen Dinh Thi streets.

The dead fish, mostly tench and tilapia, have been floating along the shore of the lake, which is the largest in Hanoi and also a popular recreation area.

According to chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee, Nguyen Duc Chung, the total dead fish by late Sunday was estimated at over 10 tonnes.

“Initial test results from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment showed that the fish died from lack of oxygen,” Chung said.







Dozens of environment workers were sent to collect dead fish on October 2

Chairman of Hanoi Nguyen Duc Chung (third from right) came to direct the collection of dead fish on October 2

Ca chet noi trang ho Tay hinh anh 1


Ca chet noi trang ho Tay hinh anh 2


Ca chet noi trang ho Tay hinh anh 3


Ca chet noi trang ho Tay hinh anh 4



Ca chet noi trang ho Tay hinh anh 6





Ca chet ho Tay vot khong xue, xe thit ngay tai cho hinh anh 20



 (September 16, 2016)


Formosa steel discharge into the sea on the Vietnamese coast

More than 100 scientists, including foreign experts, joined an investigation into the mass fish deaths, Minister Mai Tien Dung, Chairman of the Office of the Government, said at a long-awaited press conference in Hanoi Thursday afternoon.

They found out that industrial waste containing phenol, cyanide and iron hydroxides in the water killed the fish. The source of the waste was traced back to FHS, according to Minister Dung.

FHS on June 28 took responsibility for the “serious environmental incident,” after multiple meetings between Vietnam’s environment ministry and related agencies and FHS as well as Formosa Plastics, Dung said



Outrage Over Fish Kill in Vietnam Simmers 6 Months Later

The New York Times
OCT. 3, 2016


HONG KONG — Six months after a chemical spill killed tons of fish and devastated fishing communities along Vietnam’s central coast, anger over the episode is still raw, posing a challenge for a government that has struggled to address it.

In the latest sign of this festering outrage, thousands of demonstrators swarmed a steel factory in the central province of Ha Tinh on Sunday, echoing the street protests that erupted in the country’s major cities in April when photographs of piled-up fish corpses were widely shared on social media.

After weeks of silence, officials acknowledged in late June that the Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation, the Taiwanese company that owns the steel factory, had caused the deaths by leaking chemicals into the adjacent South China Sea.



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