Media in The Tank for Hillary Clinton — A Woman That Will Likely Be In Trouble or Incompetent Again — A Fate She Has Never Been Able To Escape — Her Own Demons Always Get Her

Watching the Election Season This Year Has Been Filled With Dread, The Dreadful and the Walking Dead

By John Francis Carey
Peace and Freedom

Each morning for months, the New York Times and Washington Post have been on an undeniable campaign  to promote Hillary Clinton, to ignore or hide her many flaws, and to slash and burn anyone else that got in the way.

We aren’t going into an election — but what seems like a coronation of the first woman president, without a lot of discussion of the issues.

Will the U.S. ever be a “force for good” in the world again? Will the U.S. Stand Up to Putin’s Russia or the quickly emerging and very pushy Chinese? Will our allies like like Japan, Britain, Germany, Israel and Saudi Arabia be left on their own from now on?

Is Iran our ally now — or are they still a state sponsor of terrorism — the way they were before we gave them billions of dollars?

What exactly is our U.S. foreign policy. We got out of Iraq and Afghanistan then we went back in. Now we are also in Syria, Libya and Yemen. Barack Obama has the record for the longest U.S. president in time of war. Are we going for a new winner?

Are we still trying to eliminate the Islamic State? Can we say “Radical Islamic Terrorists” now or are they still the JV team?

Do we expect more U.S. Ambassadors to be killed/ If so, I’d like to warn my friends in the diplomatic corps… Maybe they can get more life insurance than Chris Stevens…

Since we are headed toward open borders can we have a special census first to figure out how many people already live in the U.S.? That’s an important thing to know when we are giving away healthcare, food stamps and tons of other goodies — not even to mention how we figure to fund our schools, hospitals and everything else….

Can we really afford ObamaCare — now that the premiums are way up and we couldn’t keep our doctor or our plan? Will Hillary Rule By Regulation the way Barack has done or are we still a democracy of the people, for the people and by the people?

What are we to think about Hillary Clinton, who undoubtedly jeopardized national security by using an un-secure private in-home email server for the business of the U.S. Secretary of State? What are we to think of the FBI and the Department of Justice that failed to indict? Why is everyone afraid of the truth?

What are we to think about John Podesta who failed to get email encryption for the Clinton Campaign? When your client has a record for bank robbery, you don’t let them in the bank alone…

We should all read John Podesta’s emails. Hillary’s team looks down on everyone, in a kind of sophomore-in-college snotty condescension that is dangerous in any democracy.

Can Hillary Clinton write down for us who in the American population is NOT deplorable?

Now that the mainstream media has abetted in hijacking the U.S. election by ignoring the rules of balanced journalism — for how long does this Cinderella period last for Hillary Clinton and her gang? When is it going to be OK for journalists to demand the facts, dig into the details and inform all Americans honestly again?

What are we planning to do about police getting shot and wounded or killed more often now? Are we going to continue the “Obama Legacy”? If so, will Texas secede?

Is Black Lives Matter now a Political Action Committee of the Democratic party? Or are they still insurrectionists?

What’s the plan to bring Tim Kaine up to speed in case Hillary faints again. Permanently? Is he going to remain the dim bulb we saw during the debate? God help us.

Can we still mention God?

Are we just going to junk the national Records Act and the Freedom of Information Act since we never enforce them? Can we stop sending military people to jail for security lapses and hold them to the same standard we hold our Secretaries of State?

Will Bernie Sanders now write a book on how he was cheated out of a fair primary?

If Hillary Clinton makes it to the Oval Office will she still be surrounded by enablers like Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin?

Image result for monkey can't hear, see

Hillary’s enablers…. At least Bill’s are prettier….

There’s a lot of banana republic corruption here. Will it continue to grow?

It always does unless the media exposes it and the courts deal with it …..

I’d be ready to support Hillary but according to Judicial Watch she can’t recall anything after 1990. Or before.

If Hillary Clinton screws up again will she go to jail like Martha Stewart? We hold cooking show hosts to such a high standard….


 (By a white female victim of sexual abuse and a Christian)


Below is from The Observer

Clinton’s people asked for all sorts of special treatment from the DNC and the press—and they got it

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (L) embraces Center for American Progress President and CEO John Podesta before addressing the centers' "American Idea: A More Perfect Union" conference at the Decatur House October 12, 2011 in Washington, DC.

Hillary Clinton embraces campaign chair John Podesta on October 12, 2011 in Washington, DC. Chip Somodevila/Getty Images)

On October 12, WikiLeaks released part four and five of Clinton campaign Chair John Podesta’s emails, with part six to be released on October 13, and part seven to follow on October 14.

“As soon as the nomination is wrapped up, I will be your biggest surrogate,” current Interim Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Donna Brazile, wrote to Podesta in a January 2016 email. As a Vice Chair of the DNC, Brazile was bound to neutrality per the charter, but as shown in several emails released so far, that was not the case.

“I pushed back hard on this, and Axe. So weird to attack the kids the night before the first primary,” Brazile wrote in an email she forwarded to Podesta about what CNN was doing while she served as a CNN contributor.

On October 10, an email was released that showed Brazile tipping off the Clintoncampaign to an outreach campaign being conducted by the Sanders campaign. Brazile defended herself on Twitter claiming she also sent the Sanders campaign “advice,” but did not release or cite any examples.

On October 11, Mediaite’s Jordan Chariton first reported another email that showed Brazile tipping off the Clinton campaign to a question on the death penalty that would be asked at a CNN Town Hall the next day. Brazile was a CNN contributor at the time, and that wasn’t her only helpful tip. “For the debate team,” she wrote in a March email about the Voting Rights Act, forwarded to Podesta.

In 2013, during an interview with ABC News, Brazile said, “if Clinton gets in the race, there will be a coronation of her,” foreshadowing that she and the rest of the DNC and Democratic Party would line up behind Hillary Clinton as the nominee before a single person voted in the Democratic primaries.

In a March 2016 email, Mark Alan Siegel, a former New York State Assemblyman and Democratic official, advised the Clinton campaign staff to offer Bernie Sanders and his supporters a reduction in future super delegates to pacify them. “So if we ‘give’ Bernie this in the Convention’s rules committee, his people will think they’ve ‘won’ something from the Party Establishment,” he wrote. “And it functionally doesn’t make any difference anyway. They win. We don’t lose. Everyone is happy.”

Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress which publishes Think Progress, wrote in a January 2016 email, “But I should say that I would do whateverHillary needs always. I owe her a lot. And I’m a loyal soldier.”

An April 2015 email describes the Clinton campaign and DNC coordinating to rig the debate schedule for Clinton’s benefit. The debate schedule was a commonly cited criticism against then-DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who resigned after the WikiLeaks release of DNC emails in July showed her overt favoritism for Clinton all through the primaries.

“Through internal discussions, we concluded that it was in our interest to: 1) limit the number of debates (and the number in each state); 2) start the debates as late as possible; 3) keep debates out of the busy window between February 1 and February 27, 2016 (Iowa to South Carolina)” read the email from Charlie Baker, a senior advisor to the Clinton campaign from the Dewey Square Group. “The other campaigns have advocated (not surprisingly) for more debates and for the schedule to start significantly earlier.”

An email from November 2014 shows Clinton campaign staff backing a law that would push the Illinois primary from March to April or May, with their reasoning being that the state could potentially serve as a lifeline to moderate Republicans as it did for Mitt Romney in 2012. “The Clintons won’t forget what their friends have done for them. It would be helpful to feel out what path, if any, we have to get them to yes. This will probably take some pushing,” wrote Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook to Podesta. The primary wound up not being moved, with Trump winning Illinois, but the push was strategic as Clinton didn’t poll well against moderate Republicans such as Sen. Marco Rubio and Gov. John Kasich.

In damage control over a false statement Clinton made about Nancy Reagan’s role in the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the Clinton campaign noted in an email chain that they would have to coerce Clinton into admitting she was wrong. “Here is a revised draft of a statement. It does include the words ‘I made a mistake’ in the first line. We need a strategy for getting her to approve this.”

And then there’s the overly docile press, who were so eager to help Clinton get elected. In one email chain discussing the upcoming release of exchanges between Clinton and writer Sidney Blumenthal, insiders noted that the Associated Press appeared to be willing to allow the Clinton campaign to plant favorable stories. “[T]hey are considering placing a story with a friendly at the AP (Matt Lee or Bradley Klapper), that would lay this out before the majority on the committee has a chance to realize what they have and distort it,” wrote Nick Merrill, the Clinton campaign’s traveling press secretary.

“She is going to read me the story later today off the record to further assure me,” Clinton campaign Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri wrote in an email to Podesta and other staff about New York Times‘ Maggie Haberman coordinating directly with the campaign to provide Clinton with favorable coverage.

In March 2015, an email from Clinton campaign manager assistant Marissa Astor provides some options for when a story in the AP will be published, with a statement from Clinton and Q&A regarding her private email server, in addition to an option to “pre-negotiate” a TV interview.

An April 2015 email from Clinton staff issued a press policy that says, “Less than 100 people – NO cell phones, NO press.” According to the email, events with over 100 people, cell phones are allowed, “and ONE print pooler will be escorted in for her remarks only and then escorted out. NO tv cameras. Over 500 people in a public space – YES cell phones, OPEN press (all press access including tv cameras). At fundraisers in private homes NO tv cameras no matter the size. ONE print pooler only.” According to the email, Hillary Clinton approved the policy. “Huma spoke to HRC and she agreed with this plan,” wrote Kristina Schake, the Clinton campaign deputy communications director.

In a January 2015 email, in response to an inquiry as to whether the Clinton staff have any diversity they can point to, political consultant Jim Margolis jokes, “Robby claims he’s 1/16th Apache, so we should be all set.”

Part four, five, six, and seven brings the total WikiLeaks release of Podesta emails to around 10,000 out of about 50,000.

Rigged Debates: Wikileaks Emails Confirm Media in Clinton’s Pocket


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