Obama warns ‘fate of the world’ is at stake if Hillary Clinton does not get elected


Barack Obama has warned ‘the fate of the world’ is at stake if Hillary Clinton does not defeat Donald Trump in the US election.

The President urged supporters to “choose hope” by getting out and voting Democrat on November 8.

Speaking at a rally at the University of North Carolina, Obama told the crowd that the progress made during his eight years at office was now at risk.

North Carolina is considered a critical swing state in the upcoming election and it is possible the election may not be won without it, said Obama.

U.S. President Barack Obama
Obama warned that the ‘fate of the world’ is at stake (Photo: Splash News)
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton must defeat Donald Trump on November 8, Obama said (Photo: Rex)

The incumbent president said: “I hate to put a little pressure on you but the fate of the Republic rests on your shoulders.

“The fate of the world is teetering and you, North Carolina, are going to have to make sure that we push it in the right direction.”

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump makes an appearance at a rally at UW-Eau Claire
Donald Trump has caught up in the polls (Photo: Barcroft Media)
U.S. President Barack Obama
Obama urged voters to “choose hope” (Photo: Splash News)

Obama said that voters should “stand up and reject cynicism” and “choose hope”.

While most national polls still favour Clinton to win, she has lost the comfortable lead she held late last month.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton with US Election State map
U.S. President Barack Obama
The President is on the campaign trail for Hillary (Photo: Getty)

With the race tightening the focus has now shifted to battleground states like North Carolina, Florida, Ohio and Nevada.


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