Philippines: Senator Tests President Duterte’s Immunity from Criminal Prosecution

In a previous interview, Sen. Leila De Lima asked President Duterte to stop harassing her and even asked the President whether he fancies her because of the attention she is getting from him. When asked yesterday if he really fancies de Lima, Duterte acted as if he was about to fall from the podium. AP/Bullit Marquez

MANILA, Philippines — Sen. Leila de Lima has filed a petition before the Supreme Court against President Rodrigo Duterte, testing his immunity from criminal prosecution.

The senator filed a 26-page writ of habeas data petition against Duterte over his harassment and threats against her, according to a report from The STAR.

“Can a sitting President wage a personal vendetta against petitioner and use the resources of his powerful office to crucify her as a woman, a human being, and a duly elected senator in violation of her right to privacy in life, liberty and security?” the petition read.

De Lima asked the high court to stop the government from using personal information against her, which is illegal.

The senator’s camp claimed that the president has repeatedly subjected her to “crude personal attacks” involving the publication of her alleged private affairs.

“He has accused her of ‘screwing her driver,’ ‘pumping,’ and playing with a man’s genitals. He has likened her to an ‘x-rated artist’ and claimed that she has a ‘propensity for sex,'” the De Lima camp said.

“He has threatened her that he ‘will destroy her in public,’ that she ‘is finished’ and has vowed that she ‘will rot in jail,” the petition read.

The writ of habeas data is petition sought by persons whose right to privacy in life, liberty or security has been violated or threatened by an unlawful act of a public official or employee. — with reports from Edu Punay

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