Under President Trump, Will America Still Honor International Treaties and Alliances

11 Nov 2016 at 04:30

The historic outcome of the US presidential election has left the world in shock while at the same time it has generated a lot of questions for the global community to ponder.

The election was considered was considered a foregone conclusion up until Election Day with bookies taking a 5:1 punt on Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton as the favourite, However, Republican candidate Donald Trump turned things upside down like nothing we have witnessed in recent history.

Mr Trump’s victory indicates that Americans voted in favour of a straight-talking candidate with a can-do attitude and a strong business background.

The outcome of the election left many world leaders in an awkward position as they had denounced Mr Trump’s ideas all throughout his campaign. The election was also one of the most divided election in ones in the history of US. It was so divisive that after the results were announced, thousands of anti-Trump protesters came out to protest against the outcome.

The election is likely to raise lots of questions and one thing is for sure: the sources and data we read on opinion polls or get from political analysts are somehow falling flat on their face as so many predictions have been wrong.

How did polling, which had been so accurate up until a few years ago, start to go wrong? Was it because polls were conducted in cities rather than more rural settings and mostly targeted white-collar workers?…

The second issue to consider is how Mr Trump won the election when over 50% of those polled were sceptical of what he was going to do as a president.

Was it because polls were conducted in cities rather than more rural settings and mostly targeted white-collar workers? There are reports suggesting that Mr Trump’s win was the outcome of blue-collar discontent over job losses to the likes of new manufacturing hubs in Asia.

Mr Trump’s campaign pledges to build a wall along the US-Mexico border to curtail illegal immigration, renegotiating trade deals such as Nafta and allowing the stockpiling of nuclear arsenals by countries such as Japan and South Korea are only a few of the topics that made many uncomfortable.

My only hope is that these strong words were merely rhetoric to win the hearts and minds of the people of the United States to gain the mandate to bring jobs back and help the continued outflow of production and to curtail the rise of consumerism based on cheap labour from Asia.

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