American Voters Rejected Obama, His Legacy, Hillary Clinton, Corrupt Government, “The Narrative” and Liberal Media

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There is no American intelligentsia. And there are no deplorable Americans.

America is a nation of rule of law, democracy, and fairness to all under the law.

There is no privileged class and there are no “second class citizens.”

Everyone is subject to the law: immigrants and presidential candidates alike.

Presidential politics is about everyone. It is not about just women. It is not about just gays. It is about a great country that is good for all Americans.

The big media has always been a part of safeguarding America from corruption and liars and wrongdoing in public office.

How come The New York Times and The Washington Post decided to constantly side with the Obama-Hillary Team? How come Wikileaks was the one to show America what John Podesta and the other Hillary staffers where doing and saying?

Even after Hillary Clinton provided foreign intelligence services (illegally) a treasure trove of unencrypted classified information, the Clinton campaign han no cyber-security for the emails of Podesta and the others? Really? This is not the fault of Julian Assange. This is the trouble with imbecile Democrats. And we are supposed to trust them to run the nation?

After being preached at for years about “tolerance” by people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the hypocrisy of it all became too much to bear. The voters just could not choke down one more morsel without gagging.

It started with the lies: You can keep your doctor. Benghazi was about a video. Stick to “The Narrative.” Constantly preaching hope — but never delivering.

Anyone in the blighted inner city of Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC and other American cities can tell us — not having a vibrant economy that produces jobs, income and wealth is a disaster. Jobs, income and wealth — and the dignity and pride that goes with them — cannot be replaced by government. Especially an ever-growing and corrupt government. A government that provides burdens and restrictions to business — not incentives.

A government that became obviously corrupt.

Does anyone still belive the Justice Department is not corrupt — or at least blatantly biased? Does anyone still believe that there was not a “smidgen of corruption” (to quote the President of the United States) at the IRS? Despite some progress, any visitor to the local V.A. hospital can tell us — there is still a lot that goes wrong there. And why can’t we privatize it?  And are we better off because of Obamacare? Nope.

We still don’t know the truth about Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Was she hiding illegal activity? Almost certainly. We used to say in journalism, “Follow the money.” The New York Times should have figured this out by now but they are no longer interested in truth — just “the narrative.”

They didn’t want to find criminal activity that might harm their sacred cow. They couldn’t fathom letting go of the narrative once the truth came out.

Well, the narrative just got rejected by the deplorable voters who still have some insight and wisdom and sources of information better than that provided by the “Mainstream Media.”

The “JV Team” can now maybe be called the Islamic State terrorists?

The upper tax rate for American businesses in the U.S. is 30%. In Ireland it is 12%. But President Obama and Hillary Clinton constantly smeared American business leaders who sent jobs overseas as un-patriotic. Guys like Harry Reid kept offering to punish them with more costs — the very reason they left the hostile-to-business government at home.

The facts kept getting on the way of the “narrative.”

Why did President Obama become the president of regulations and executive orders? He blamed the Congress — the elected body established by the Constitution — the Law — to prevent the kind of eight year train wreck America just witnessed. After lying to achieve “his signature legislative accomplishment” he decided to circumvent as much as he could in Congress. They didn’t like the lies, the manipulation of the facts and the tidal wave of debt that kept growing.

He could not face the accountability our system of government imposes. Our system of government demands. No real accountability for the many screw ups at State, Justice, EPA, IRS, V.A. We could go on.

So the voters had to insist on accountability. The options weren’t pretty. Some would say the options were pretty aweful. But the voters decided one was worse than the other.

Hillary failed the accountability test over and over and over. Now she is blaming the FBI and the media for her failures — like an arsonist blaming the match.

We want to yell out at her the way she’s been shrieking at us: “IT’S NOT THEM. IT’S YOU THAT IS THE PROBLEM.”

If you did the crime, you should do the time.

But that didn’t fit the narrative.

President Obama told us he would be insulted if we did not continue his legacy. His government. The no jobs, corrupt government, high-cost Obamacare we did not need government. The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen government with an uncertain vision of the future. Refugrees and migrants in swarms not seen since World War II. With an uncertain U.S. strategy even today — in almost every part of the world.

The government that refused to enforce immigration laws.

Hey, Mister President, Consider Yourself Insulted.



American intelligentsia?

As such, the intelligentsia might include artists, school teachers, academics, writers, journalists, and other hommes de lettres (men of letters). Historians debate the political role of the intelligentsia as a progressive influence and as a regressive influence upon the development of modern societies.


Obama’s Policies and Broader Vision Face Reckoning With History

As he raced across the country before the election, President Obama warned supporters about the stakes. “All the progress we’ve made over these last eight years,” he said, “goes out the window if we don’t win this election.”

Hillary Clinton, his anointed successor, did not win, and so now Mr. Obama will find out whether his prediction was just campaign hyperbole or if his legacy really has just gone out the window. Not only are specific initiatives like his health care and climate change programs at risk, but so, too, is the broader vision Mr. Obama articulated for America.



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