Protesting Kids and Their Teachers Make Americans Ashamed Again: Assault School-Mate for Wearing Pro-Trump Hat, Kick Him in The Head While He’s Down, Hospitalized — No Arrests (Yet)

A march of students in Rockville, Maryland, protesting the election of Donald Trump to the presidency turned violent on Wednesday morning as a teenager wearing one of the Trump campaigns “Make American Great Again” hats was beaten.


The student in the hat was “beaten down, to be honest,” a student who witnessed the attack told WTOP.

The student wasn’t seriously hurt but was taken away in an ambulance, according to WTOP’s Nick Iannelli. No one has been arrested yet, but police officers are talking with witnesses.

There’s a large police presence around the protest, but there were no further problems. The students returned to the school’s football field at about 11:30 a.m.

The march marked the third straight day of student protests in the D.C. region in opposition to Trump’s election.

On Tuesday, hundreds of students from D.C. public schools walked out of class to protest in front of Trump’s downtown D.C. hotel and then marched up Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol and Supreme Court. On Monday, hundreds of Montgomery County high schools participated in protests that briefly blocked parts of University Boulevard that morning.

WTOP’s Nick Iannelli contributed to this report.
We did not publish the photos as many do look like they are “minors” under the law.

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