Not Accepting the Election of President Elect Trump, and Protesting What He Said He Might Do, Is Keeping American Students and Their Teachers From Looking Honestly At America — And What Went Wrong In The Obama/Clinton Years

Peace and Freedom Commentary

By John Francis Carey

We’ve been interested in politics and foreign policy since at least the John F. Kennedy administration.

“Ask not, what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

Who can forget those lofty words?

Perhaps all the students currently supposed to be in classrooms — and their teachers.

The wonderful “time out” between national elections and the inauguration for the new team used to be a time to clear the air, stop the campaigning, look forward with hopeful anticipation, and start to assess who got thrown out and why.

Well, its clear enough who got thrown out by the American voters. Hillary Clinton. And Barack Obama.

Unfortunately for thinking people, but fortunately for The New York Times and tons of young people who wanted free college tuition, this has become a time to heap criticism upon every single word ever spoken by Donald Trump.

And to stir up fear.

Which does no good for any American. Or anyone. Anywhere.

And may well help people that would love to see America fail.

Maybe the young people in America are being used? This can happen when we stop thinking.

This seems like some form of unsportsmanlike conduct in a democracy that believes in the will of the people. And hope. The the electorate.

This is the time we traditionally give the newcomers a kind of fair shot. A “honeymoon.” A fair chance.

We don’t condemn before we see what happens. Do we?

My Dad used to say, “Anyone as bad as you think will screw up soon enough.”

He also used to say, “The Republic will survive.”

A well-schooled brain would allow anyone to know that.

But mob violence would prevent most people from thinking that.

In our democracy, if the will of the people turns out to have been a huge mistake — if we give it a little time — the truth will come out, the pendulum will swing, and the guys that are “in” will get sent home when new folks are elected.

We should be thinking about what went so terribly wrong with the Obama administration. Why did the man holding the Nobel Peace Prize end up as the longest-serving U.S. President in war-time — a record once held by Franklin Roosevelt for his service during World War II.

He won the prize before he lost it.

And after eight years in the White House, is the world better? Is the world safer? Is the world at peace? Is anyone thanking Barack Obama for saving… ANYTHING?

Many European are not happy with the American election. But they are not happy with the current American president either. We ought to be wondering why. We should be assessing where we have been and what just happened — before we decide to condemn half the American voters and the guys they voted for.

Why are we suffering through the largest global migration since World War II? How did THAT happen?

Why does disorder seem to be all around us in America — and in much of the world? Where’s the assessment?  Where’s the accountability?

Some of the accountability was packaged within the election. The people held Hillary and Barack accountable. I could be wrong. But my first assessment of national politics was published in 1972 and I’ve been assessing ever since — because good teachers showed me the way.

They told me to be useful.

We should — all of us — be wondering where did we forget about all our lofty ideals about transparency, and fairness, and preventing problems in the world — instead of making all the little ones into big ones.

We should be looking at the mistakes of the last eight years so we don’t continue to make them. So we don’t make them ever again.

We should be thanking WikiLeaks for showing us (again) that we need a lot more cyber security and we should be able to expect our public servants to obey the law and protect U.S. national security.

I think it is just Grand that students in Rockville, Maryland beat up a suspected Trump supporter yesterday, and kicked him in the head while he was down. Wonderful. Thank you for your opinion as expressed in criminal violence while you should have been at work in the classroom.

In America we believe in one man, one vote. Without any threat of a kick in the head.

All future leaders of the American Democracy, Our American Democracy should be ashamed of themselves if a kick in the head is acceptable.

“Ask not, what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.”

That’s the kick in the head you should be listening to.

This might take some thinking.


Three things at Peace and Freedom we know the American people will soon learn the truth about.

  1. How and by whom was the currently ongoing migration of people into Europe kicked off?
  2. What was the reason for the private email server in the home of the U.S. Secretary or State?
  3. Why were the Islamic State (and others) not deterred by President Obama’s “red line” on Chemical weapons?



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