When Angels Touch Our Human Lives

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  • Reddit users have shared their bizarre encounters with guardian angels 
  • Many say that they have the entities to thank for saving their lives 
  • Others say that angels helped them get through difficult times in life  

With Christmas less than a week away people are finding excuses to share their experiences of encounters with angels with many claiming they have them to thank for their lives.

Reddit users have been sharing their experiences with what they are describing as guardian angels with many claiming that they prevented disaster in their lives.

Others admit that they were skeptical of the supernatural before their supposed encounters with angels.

Reddit users have shared their unexplained and mysterious encounters with their ‘guardian angels’ with many saying they have them to thank for their life

Some of the stories involve encounters with deceased relatives while others say they did not recognise the angel – either way the experiences are unexplained.

Many of the users said that their visit from the other world happened at a very young age.

One woman recalled how her guardian angel had not looked like she had expected him describing him as ‘portly’ and wearing business attire.

In many cases the Redditors said that they would have died if it hadn’t been for their angelic saviours who often disappeared before they could thank them.

Adults too admitted that they had come face to face with the angelic with many claiming they avoided car accidents because of them.

One gentlemen described a bizarre experience in which he believed an angel sent him a strong message while driving home that saved his life.

Another Redditor said that he and his friend were helped by a man when their car stalled and they escaped an oncoming vehicle.

One woman said that her guardian angel appeared at a low point of her life when she was in need of comfort.

One user recalled a time when she was incredibly low after a death of a friend and she believed an angel joined her in prayer.

A son recalled a story of how a good Samaritan helped his mother when she was left stranded in the city at night.

A grandmother would have faced certain death if it hadn’t have been for two unexplained entities in her home.

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Some say when God touches us, we have “Grace.” Many Christians believe, each and every person contains at least a flicker of the light of god or the Holy Spirit….




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