Philippine Vice President: Threat of martial law return ‘worst Christmas gift’

Vice President Leni Robredo said that returning to Martial Law is the worst Christmas gift to the Filipinos.
MANILA, Philippines — The threat of a return to martial law is the worst Christmas gift to the Filipinos, according to Vice President Leni Robredo.
Robredo is reacting to President Rodrigo Duterte’s pronouncement Thursday that he wants certain provisions in the 1987 Constitution amended, specifically the ones that check the president’s power to declare and implement martial law.
Duterte noted that he could not proceed on declaring martial law in case there is a war or an invasion as such authority is subject to review by Congress and the Supreme Court.
“Eh, kung iba ang SC? Magsabi ang Congress, yes. No ito, yes itong isa. Saan mo ako ilagay? Kaya kailangan talagang palitan iyan,” Duterte said.
In a statement on Friday, Robredo said it is appalling for the president “to challenge the democratic safeguards of the very constitution he swore to uphold on June 30, 2016.”
She said that to refer to specific provisions in the 1987 Constitution as a “reckless reaction” to the Marcos regime is an “insult to the experience of the Filipino nation that endured great suffering and hardship under the Martial Law regime.”
The vice president also urged the public to remain vigilant against the threat of martial law and to fight against any move that will curtail freedom.

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