Philippines: National Police Chief Brings Cops to Church To End Murders, Extortion, Corruption — Less than One Week After President Duterte Said the Catholic Church was ‘Full of Shit’

/ 02:51 PM January 31, 2017

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PNP Chief Dir. General Ronald Dela Rosa addresses cops after the Mass inside Camp Crame. JULLIANE LOVE DE JESUS –

Cleanse yourself and be closer to God.

This was the message of Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa to his men after deciding to suspend the bloody war against drugs and focus on purging bad eggs in the PNP, which President Rodrigo Duterte described as “corrupt to the core.”

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“Before I cleanse the organization, I should cleanse myself first. Go soul-searching, (think about) what to do and what I failed to do why the PNP has become like this,” Dela Rosa said.

The PNP held a Mass on Tuesday as it declared a “Day of Prayer and Penance in support to the anti-illegal drugs campaign of President Rodrigo Duterte” at the PNP headquarters in Camp Crame, where abducted South Korean Jee Ick-joo was killed by antinarcotics cops last October.

After the Mass led by Bishop Leopoldo Tumulak, Dela Rosa delivered a short message before the Crame-based cops and said he was going through an “extensive soul-searching.”

“It’s very important that we have to cleanse ourselves first. I need to cleanse myself first so this is why I’m here right now,” the usually brash Dela Rosa calmly said.

“I’m going through extensive soul-searching, getting back closer to God kasi kapag masyado tayong busy at masyadong maraming problema, nakakalimutan natin ang relationship natin with God (because if we are too busy and confounded by problems, we forget our relationship with God),” he said.

He then asked the members of the police to turn to God especially now that the PNP is facing a problem within its ranks.

“For all we know, He’s the ultimate one. Wala nang iba. Siya lang talaga pupuntahan natin kapag tayo ay may (There is no other. He’s the only One we can go to if we have a) problem so I invite everyone to cleanse, in doing so, we will be doing a great service to our organization,” he said.

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In an ambush interview after the Mass, Dela Rosa said he might consider sending all PNP personnel to spiritual retreat “to undergo cleansing.”

The police chief on Monday said that the war on drugs would have to take a backseat as the PNP shifted its focus to internal cleansing efforts after a group of anti-drugs cops were suspected of masterminding the murder of a Korean national.

The cops, members of the PNP Anti-Illegal Drug Group (AIDG), also asked for a ransom as a high as P5 million from Jee’s family after killing the victim.

Over the weekend, President Duterte ordered Dela Rosa to dissolve the AIDG and form a task force to go after scalawags in the police force. IDL/rga

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A Filipino friuend to Peace and Freedom saif Monday that “Bato may have been an altar boy but God klnows that was one hell of a long time ago.”


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Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa

Philippines: Human Rights Watch director Phelim Kline also said the numbers of fatalities in the drug war launched by President Rodrigo Duterte when he assumed office on June 30, 2016, are “appalling but predictable” since he (Duterte) vowed to “forget the laws on human rights.”

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Duterte:  Catholic Church ‘full of shit’

President waves tell-all book ‘Altar of Secrets’ on Catholic clergy’s ‘sinful ways’
By: – Reporter / @LeilasINQ
/ 07:48 PM January 24, 2017
Rodrigo Duterte speaks to Filipino community in Singapore - 16 Dec 2016
President Rodrigo Duterte (Photo by WONG MAYE-E/AP)

MANILA — The Catholic Church is “full of shit,” according to President Duterte who ramped up his attacks against priests and bishops in the Philippines, on Tuesday, by accusing them of corruption, womanizing and other excesses.

In a speech peppered with profanities in reference to the church leaders, Mr. Duterte encouraged his audience composed of families of slain Special Action Forces to read the book “Altar of Secrets” by the late journalist Aries Rufo to know the sins of the church officials.

“I challenge you now. I challenge the Catholic Church. You are full of shit. You all smell bad, corruption and all,” Mr. Duterte said on Tuesday.

He dared the Catholic Church officials in the country to resign and said he would do the same if they would bite.

The President went off on the Catholic Church leaders after he defended his war against illegal drugs during a speech in Malacañang Tuesday.

Church officials have been vocal in condemning the extrajudicial killings that had attended the administration’s crackdown on the narcotics trade.

According to Mr. Duterte, he and the Catholic church officials have the same sin— that of womanizing. He noted that one bishop— Bishop Teodoro Bacani— had two wives like him.

But unlike the church leaders, he is not corrupt, he said.

He chided them for asking for a Pajero during the time of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

“Shouldn’t you be ashamed of yourselves? That’s so expensive and so many people have nothing to eat,” he said.

The bishops knew they were not supposed to receive anything from the government, and yet they asked for the high-end vehicle, he said.

“Putangina, tumanggap ang mga ulol (Son of a bitch, the jerks accepted it),” he said.

“It was pure graft and corruption,” he added.

He said he had been aware of the atrocities of the church leaders even when he was a young boy, and railed against priests who have failed to give service to the poor.

He said he might just write his own book against the church officials, titled “Hypocrisy.”

Church officials call politicians corrupt, and yet, he asked, “how about you?”

Most politicians have been afraid of offending the Catholic church officials, but not him, Mr. Duterte said.

Despite the church officials “politicking” and warning people against him, he still won, he noted.  SFM

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