McCain speaks out against Trump’s defense budget: “It cannot pass the Senate.”

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By Hayden Packwood

Sen. John McCain says President Donald Trump’s budget proposal will not be sufficient enough to “rebuild the military” which, he says, has been damaged by “years of budget cuts under [the] Obama White House.”

“Such a budget does not represent a 10 percent increase as previously described by the White House,” McCain said in a statement Thursday, “but amounts to a mere 3 percent over President Obama’s defense plan, which has left our military underfunded, undersized and unready to meet the threats of today and tomorrow.”

McCain said military leaders have testified for years that budget cuts have put the “lives of military service members at greater risk” and the current proposed defense budget “cannot pass the Senate.”

According to USA Today, President Trump’s proposal, referred to as the “America First” budget by the White House, increases defense spending by $54 billion offsetting that with cuts to education, environmental protection, health and human services, and foreign aid.

McCain says a defense budget of $640 billion in 2018 with yearly increases is needed to “rebuild our military, restore military readiness, and modernize our forces for the realities of 21st century warfare.”

In his statement, McCain said a bipartisan agreement on sufficient defense funds is “imperative” and added that Congress needs to act as soon as possible on a proposed budget amendment and defense appropriations bill for 2017.

“Failure to do so,” he said, “will only lead to more political dysfunction that has inflicted such harm on our men and women in uniform over the past six years.”

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