Trump Derangement Syndrome: Maxine Waters goes completely unhinged

Maxine Waters goes completely unhinged


Representative Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) is making a strong case to become the poster child for Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Long an exploiter of loony left memes, such as the contention that the CIA deliberately spread a crack epidemic in America’s inner cities, Waters loves the attention and praise she garners from voicing the radical thoughts other crazy lefties shy away from.

She owes her national profile to her readiness to glorify the 1992 Rodney King rioters in Los Angeles as participating in a “rebellion,” not a “riot,” justifying the looting of many Korean-owned stores as “mothers who took this as an opportunity to take some milk, to take some bread, to take some shoes[.] … They are not crooks.”

For Waters, President Trump represents an opportunity to capitalize on the anger and resentment the sore losers on the left are embracing.  Her tweet yesterday may set some sort of record for incoherence:

Meet @realDonaldTrump‘s

— Maxine Waters (@MaxineWaters) March 16, 2017

Who knew that the Kremlin was involved in the KKK?  Since when has the Klan embraced foreigners?

And what on Earth does Jared Kushner have to do with either the Kremlin or the Klan?  I am under the impression that the Klan is not particularly happy to embrace orthodox Jews.  For that matter, neither is the Kremlin.

But coherence has never been Mad Max’s forte.

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The mainstream media turn a blind eye to her excesses.  Consider the virtually complete lack of criticism she is receiving for calling the Trump team “scumbags.”

“It’s clear to me, and I just think the American people had better understand what’s going on,” Waters said. “This is a bunch of scumbags. That’s what they are.”

When Indiana congressman Dan Burton used that term to describe Bill Clinton in a session with the editorial board of the Indianapolis Star, the media eagerly hounded him, pointing out the street meaning of the term as a used condom full of…seed…and digging into his personal life for scandal that eventually drove him from office.


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Washington (CNN)Rep. Maxine Waters said Monday that President Donald Trump’s actions are “leading himself” to possible impeachment.

The California Democrat tweeted last week that her “greatest desire was to lead @realDonaldTrump right into impeachment” after an interview with Cheddar, a video news network.
“I have not called for the impeachment yet. He’s doing it himself,” Waters said when asked about the statement at a news conference. “Let me just say that the statement I made is a statement in response to questions and pleas that I’m getting from many citizens across this country. What are we going to do? How can a President who is acting in the manner that he’s acting?”
Waters said that she’s concerned with Trump’s travel ban executive order, “the way he’s talking about Muslims” and his friendly relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
She also incorrectly said that Trump “is wrapping his arms around Putin, while Putin is continuing to advance into Korea” — apparently meaning to reference the Crimea.
“I think that he’s leading himself in that kind of position, where folks are going to ask, ‘What are we going to do?’ and the answer is going to be, ‘Eventually, we’ve got to do something about him,'” she said. “We cannot continue to have a President who’s acting in this manner. It’s dangerous to the United States of America.”
She later told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin that Trump is creating “chaos and division.”
“This man is questionable,” she said on CNN’s “Newsroom.” “And because we have suspicions — many of us — about who is, where he came from, what his actions are, and all of his conflicts … we have to find out more about him and some of that leads to the possibility of impeachment.”
A White House official called Waters comments an example of “extreme rhetoric from a completely out-of-touch party.”
The official, who spoke on background because they were not allowed to respond on the record, said Waters had “lost control and perspective” and also noted House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi response.
Pelosi, also at the news conference Monday, said impeachment will only be an issue for Trump “when and if” he breaks the law.
“I’m not here to talk about impeachment today,” she said. “Any of the things that the congresswoman said are grounds for displeasure and unease in the public about the performance of this President, who has acted in a way that is strategically incoherent, that is incompetent and that is reckless. And that is not grounds for impeachment.”
Pelosi added, “When and if he breaks the law, that is when something like that would come up, but that is not the subject of today.”
CNN’s Dan Merica, Manu Raju and David Siegel contributed to this report.

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