Malaysia’s PM Najib urges pro-government social media to go on the offensive in social media cyber war

KUALA LUMPUR: It is time for pro-government social media activists who support Malaysia’s Barisan Nasional (BN) ruling coalition to go on the offensive in cyberspace to defend the government and help BN retain Putrajaya, Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak said on Saturday (Apr 15).

Najib said that he was confident of the role played by pro-BN government activists as they want to be seen as nationalists in the new battlefield.

“We have long been in defensive mode. Enough. It is now time to attack!,” he said in a post titled “2017 Social Media Activists Assembly” on his blog

Najib said today’s election battlefields had changed and were no longer physical or face-to-face but in cyberspace.

He reminded all social activists to hold on to three “basic principles” in the battle.

Firstly, he said activists needed to avoid internal feuds and to be committed to the struggle to uphold the BN government and secondly, they needed to expand their cyber network so that messages are delivered to the people more effectively.

The third principle was that they should learn from what happened in the previous general election, he said, citing what he called the opposition’s dissemination of “false news that we were bringing in voters from Bangladesh to vote and that we created blackouts in certain places to manipulate votes” in Malaysia’s previous general election.

“All these stories were preposterous but many were taken in by such news which did affect voters and the election,” he said.

“Insya-Allah with such fighting spirit and unity, we can obtain a bigger win in the 14th general election and Putrajaya will remain in the hands of Barisan Nasional.”


Speaking at an event in Tepoh on Saturday, Najib also reiterated that the next general election was “around the corner”, and added that “(we) must make it fast” based on the mood in a constituency in the country’s northeast.

“We (the BN government) need a mandate from the people, the next general election is around the corner, either this year or next year. Going by the mood in Kuala Nerus, (we) must make it fast, but we also have to ascertain the people’s trust … if BN is chosen, we will carry out many other transformations,” said Najib.

The BN government has great vision and plans for the country and the people to be implemented within the next few years, he said, adding that the government had the ability to carry out its agenda, but required a mandate from the people in the the next general election to realise this.

This follows remarks made by Najib on Friday, when he said BN was ready for the country’s 14th General Election (GE14).


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