Death toll of 12 expected to rise in London tower block fire — Related to Dubai building fires?


By Peter Nicholls and Estelle Shirbon | LONDON

The death toll in a fire disaster that destroyed a 24-storey block of flats in London was expected to rise on Thursday, with many people still missing and firefighters facing hazardous conditions as they searched the charred carcass.

Smoke was still wafting out of the shell of the Grenfell Tower on Thursday morning, 30 hours after fire engulfed the building in the early hours of Wednesday and turned it into a huge flaming torch in a matter of minutes.

Authorities have confirmed 12 deaths, but have said that figure would rise. Firefighters rescued 65 people from the building.

Survivors who have lost everything spent the night at emergency shelters, as charities and local support groups were flooded with donations of clothes and bedding from shocked Londoners.



The fire brigade said the inferno was unprecedented in its scale and speed.

The tower, a social housing block built in 1974 in North Kensington, an area of west London, contained 120 flats and was thought to have been home to about 600 people.

Harrowing accounts emerged of people trapped inside as the blaze destroyed everything around them, shouting for help and trying to escape through windows using makeshift ropes made from bedsheets.

By Thursday morning, there was no sign of life in or around the blackened hulk. Security cordons were in place around the base of the tower, where the ground was littered with charred debris.

Outside the cordons, impromptu tributes had appeared, with photos of missing people, messages of condolences, flowers and candles.

Emergency services said it was too early to say what had caused the disaster. Some residents said no alarm had sounded. Others said they had warned repeatedly about fire safety in the block.

The building had recently undergone an 8.7 million pound ($11.08 million) exterior refurbishment, which included new external cladding and windows.

(Reporting by Peter Nicholls, Gerhard Mey and Estelle Shirbon; editing by Guy Faulconbridge)



Image result for Sulafa tower fire, photos

Dubai Sulafa Tower fire.

The Address Downtown is on fire, with the flames reaching from the ground floor up another 40 storeys 

The Address Downtown is on fire, with the flames reaching from the ground floor up another 40 storeys


Questions Mount After Fire at Grenfell Tower in London Kills at Least 12

LONDON — Adib Abbas, an observant Muslim, was preparing an early morning Ramadan meal in a ninth-floor apartment at Grenfell Tower when he suddenly smelled gas. On the same floor, Hanan Wahabi woke up and realized that something was terribly wrong. The night air had the stench of smoke and ash.

From those terrifying moments, residents found themselves in a nightmare: Their 24-story building, with 120 apartments, was gutted by flames early Wednesday, in what authorities called London’s worst building fire in years.

Local residents watching the fire. Credit Daniel Leal-Olivas/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

The high-rise, in the North Kensington section of West London, was left a charred and smoking ruin. At least 12 people were killed and 78 others were treated at six hospitals.

For a country that has endured three terrorist attacks this year, and that is in the midst of political uncertainty after national elections produced a hung Parliament, the predawn blaze was another painful tragedy, raising pointed questions about whether the building was unsafe. Residents had complained about fire safety for several years, and experts were already questioning whether the materials used on the exterior of the building might have helped spread the flames.

A police cordon near Grenfell Tower in North Kensington. “I have never, ever seen anything of this scale,” said Dany Cotton, the London fire commissioner.CreditDaniel Leal-Olivas/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Prime Minister Theresa May convened a meeting on Wednesday to coordinate the government’s response, as safety checks were ordered for other high-rise buildings. Beyond the dead and injured, firefighters rescued 65 people and announced that there were no more survivors.

Many people escaped down the staircases, but the authorities grimly predicted that the death toll would surely rise as bodies were found and identified.


The London Ambulance Service said it had taken at least 64 people to six hospitals. CreditAndy Rain/European Pressphoto Agency

“In my 29 years of being a firefighter, I have never, ever seen anything of this scale,” said Dany Cotton, the commissioner of the London Fire Brigade.

The cause remained under investigation, though several residents say it started on the fourth floor and quickly spread to the top of the building with a ferocity and speed that stunned the 250 firefighters who responded.

Forensic teams removing bodies from the scene of the fire. CreditLeon Neal/Getty Images

Their work was complicated by an active gas pipe — a utility was asked to shut it off — and by wreckage so dense that drones were deployed to analyze some of the hardest-to-reach areas of the building. Grenfell Tower was constructed in 1974 and underwent a renovation costing 10 million pounds, or $12.8 million, that was completed in May 2016.

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