US Sends Supersonic Bombers in Show of Force Against North Korea

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea says the United States has flown two supersonic bombers over the Korean Peninsula in a show of force during joint military drills.

U.S. and South Korean warplanes regularly conduct drills, but Tuesday’s flights came shortly after the death of a U.S. college student who was recently released by North Korea in a coma following more than 17 months of captivity.

South Korea conducts joint drill with US supersonic B-1B Lancer bomber (file picture) after North Korea's latest ballistic missile test

B-1 bomber flyover. File photo

Seoul’s Defense Ministry said the B-1B bombers were part of routine exercises with South Korea aimed at showing deterrence against North Korea. The U.S. military said the bombers conducted drills with the Japanese and South Korean air forces, demonstrating solidarity with the U.S. allies.

The United States stations tens of thousands of troops in South Korea and Japan.



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