Israeli Blacklist of US Rabbis Points to Widening Rift — The Rabbis Deemed ‘Kosher’ for Conversions by Israel’s Rabbinate: The Full List

JERUSALEM — Israel’s rabbinical authorities have compiled a blacklist of overseas rabbis whose authority they refuse to recognize when it comes to certifying the Jewishness of someone who wants to get married in Israel.

The list includes a number of prominent Orthodox rabbis. Among them are a social activist in New York who has advocated for greater rights for women, a Canadian rabbi who is friendly with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and a close colleague of the rabbi who converted Ivanka Trump.

The list of 160 rabbis is another sign of a deepening rift between overseas Jewish communities and Israeli religious authorities.

ITIM, a liberal religious group that obtained the list, says it does not know how the chief rabbinate compiled the names. The rabbinate did not respond to requests for comment.


The Rabbis Deemed ‘Kosher’ for Conversions by Israel’s Rabbinate: The Full List

Rabbinate was pressured to release list of ‘kosher’ rabbis, which had been a closely guarded secret, after the ITIM organization, which helps people navigate the rabbinical bureaucracy, filed suit.

Haaretz Apr 19, 2016 4:17 PM
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Israel’s Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef (L) and Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi David Lau. Moti Milrod

The Chief Rabbinate has for the first time released a list of foreign rabbis whose conversions it recognizes and whose signatures it accepts on documents attesting to various aspects of personal status.
The rabbinate was pressured to release the list of “kosher” rabbis, which had been a closely guarded secret, after the ITIM organization, which helps people navigate the rabbinical bureaucracy, filed suit in Jerusalem District Court demanding that the list be produced.

Here is the full list:



Rabbi Yacov Sholom Barber
Rabbi Avrohom Yehuda Kievman

Rabbi Mordechai Zev Gutnick
Rabbi Yehoram Ulman
Rabbi Benzion Milecki


Rabbi Moshe Kofer
Rabbi Yosef Yitzhak Feigelstock
Rabbi Aharon Angel
Rabbi Chehebar
Rabbi Shlomo Ben Hamo
Rabbi Yosef Yitzhak Tviraq
Rabbi Bergman
Rabbi Gavriel Davidowitz
Rabbi Yitzhak Polak
Rabbi Eliyahu Sternbuch
Rabbi Benizri Shalom
Rabbi Shmuel Pinson


Rabbi Gershon Schochet
Rabbi Amram Assayag
Rabbi Zvi Mordechai Ochs
Rabbi David Schochet
Rabbi Benyamin Yonatan Weiss
Rabbi Mark Zelunka
Rabbi Yisroel Karpilovsky


Rabbi Yonason Abraham
Rabbi Shmuel Simons
Rabbi Aharon Bienstock
Rabbi Menachem Gelley
Rabbi Saadia Amor
Rabbi Yehuda Yaakov Refson
Rabbi David Jaffe
Rabbi Yaakov Greenwald
Rabbi Chanoch Ehrentreu
Rabbi Boruch Davis
Rabbi Yehuda Brodie


Rabbi Yihye Tubol
Rabbi Reuven Ohana
Rabbi David Alfasi
Rabbi Moshe Cohen
Rabbi Shlomo Azose
Rabbi Mordechai Rotenberg
Rabbi Yirmiyahu Cohen
Rabbi David Nakash
Rabbi Shmuel Cohen


Rabbi Menachem Halevi Klein
Rabbi Levinger


Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag
Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs
Rabbi Shmuel Katz
Hong Kong
Rabbi Asher Oser


Rabbi Alfonso Pedatzur Arbib
Rabbi Josef Laras
Rabbi Gad Halevi Eldad
Rabbi Shmuel di Segni
Rabbi Slomianski
Rabbi Avraham Toval


Rabbi Shalom Dovber Pinchas Lazar
Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt
Rabbi Schneur Zalman Hakohen Kahn

South Africa

Rabbi David Meir Isaacs
Rabbi Moshe Aharon Kurtstag
Rabbi Reuven


Rabbi Chaim Moshe Levy
Rabbi Benzion Snyders
Rabbi Yair Ebel


Rabbi Yehuda Adoni
Rabbi Yitzhak Alaluf
Rabbi Yitzhak Haleva


Rabbi Yosef Chanoch Brodbecker

United States

Rabbi Joseph Levine
Rabbi Yisroel Reiss
Rabbi Yisroel Grumer
Rabbi Naftoli Burstyn
Rabbi Yehudah Blum
Rabbi Hanan Balk
Rabbi Mordechai Gimpel Wolmark
Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst
Rabbi Moshe Soloveitchik
Rabbi Zvi Berger
Rabbi Yehuda Tzvi Fogelman
Rabbi Aaron Felder
Rabbi Daniel Raka
Rabbi Ephraim Friedman
Rabbi Avraham Abramson
Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz
Rabbi Moshe Kletenik
Rabbi Ephraim Shapiro
Rabbi David Elmaliach
Rabbi Binyamin Blau
Rabbi Nachman Levine
Rabbi Yechiel Michel Twersky
Rabbi Yehoshua Samet
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Senderovic
Rabbi Gedalia Walls
Rabbi Hillel Klavin
Rabbi Solomon Maimon
Rabbi Shimon Ben Zaken
Rabbi Neta Tzvi Greenblatt
Rabbi Avraham Yosef Pollak Hacohen
Rabbi Doniel Neustadt
Rabbi Yisroel Pinchas Gornish
Rabbi Yosef Galimidi
Rabbi Reuven Fink
Rabbi Yehoshua Kemelman
Rabbi Tzvi Zarchi
Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum
Rabbi Chaim Bomzer
Rabbi Yaakov Hacohen Ketelner
Rabbi Mordechai Tendler
Rabbi Pinchas Eliyahu Rabinovitch
Rabbi Tzvi Shechter
Rabbi Yosef Blau
Rabbi Shlomo Shraga Ryback
Rabbi Eliezer Schwartz
Rabbi Avraham Osdoba
Rabbi Yaakov Elimelech Lichter
Rabbi Shimon Hecht
Rabbi Yitzchak Stein
Rabbi Yechezkel Roth
Rabbi Shimon Gertner
Rabbi David Yaakov Radinsky
Rabbi Shlomo Benzion Herbst
Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac Liebes
Rabbi Yehuda Tzvi Hacohen Kurzrock
Rabbi Tzvi Meir Ginsburg
Rabbi Yaakov Goldstein
Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag
Rabbi Naftali Ganzweig
Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Haim
Rabbi Chaim Schwartz
Rabbi Peretz Steinberg
Rabbi Mordechai Willig
Rabbi Michoel Zylberman
Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann
Rabbi Dov Aaron Brisman
Rabbi Abraham Lieberman
Rabbi David Lehrfield
Rabbi Amram Gabay
Rabbi Shmuel Ohana
Rabbi Avrohom Union
Rabbi Sholom Tendler
Rabbi Nissim Davidi
Rabbi Matityahu Broyde
Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac Menachem Eichenstein


Rabbi Shemtov
Rabbi Mordechai Maaravi


Rabbi Isaac Cohen



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