UK Will Not a Pay Penny More Than Necessary for EU Exit Bill: Brexit Minister — National Audit Office Director Asks, “Can Theresa May Hold Her Government Together?”

LONDON — Britain will not pay the European Union a penny more than it needs as part of its Brexit settlement, junior Brexit minister Steve Baker said on Thursday.

“We know that we have rights and obligations and we are testing the European claims, but we won’t pay a penny more than we need to,” Baker told Sky News.

Baker declined to say how much Britain might have to pay.

(Reporting by Andrew MacAskill, editing by Guy Faulconbridge)

Boris Johnson Says ‘Go Whistle’ — “Seems to me to be extortionate.”



Can Theresa May Hold Her Government Together?

Theresa May’s Government could ‘come apart like a chocolate orange’ over Brexit, watchdog chief warns

The Prime Minister CREDIT: MATT DUNHAM

Theresa May’s Government is putting a successful Brexit at risk by failing to show “active and energetic” leadership, the head of the National Audit Office has warned.

In an unprecedented intervention Sir Amyas Morse said Whitehall departments are being left to “struggle on their own” with the challenges of Brexit because of a failure of leadership and direction.

Image result for Sir Amyas Morse, photos

Sir Amyas Morse

He said the Government could “come apart like a chocolate orange” unless departments are given more support, as he warned Mrs May that Brexit poses the “biggest challenge” since the Second World War.

Departments should not be left to decide which of the many projects they are in charge of to prioritise by themselves, the head of the financial watchdog added.

Sir Amyas also revealed that David Davis’s Brexit department failed to show him a plan for how leaving the EU will work, despite his requests, and could only offer a “vague” explanation as to why it was unable to.

The Prime Minister and her Brexit Secretary
The Prime Minister and her Brexit Secretary CREDIT: AFP

“Government will need to be fast and flexible and act in a unified way,” he said. “We have an issue here because of departmental Government and what we don’t want to find is that at the first tap it comes apart like a chocolate orange …It raises questions about whether this unified approach is actually happening”.

The remarks follow weeks of speculation about the Prime Minister’s ability to lead her party following the result of the general election which saw the Conservatives lose seats.

Ministers in Mrs May’s own ranks have reportedly begun plotting her replacement, with some warning she will not survive in Number 10 past the party’s annual conference in October.

And fears of a rift between the Prime Minister and her Cabinet colleagues over the UK’s future relationship with the EU, including membership of the Customs Union and and transitional period, led her to relaunch her Brexit plan earlier this week.

Speaking yesterday Sir Amyas said the scale of the task ahead is “only just starting to click into people’s awareness in Government”, adding that leaving the EU means ministers will not have “space for legislating on other issues”.

He added: “This is a massive challenge, probably the biggest challenge for any Government in peacetime.

“Can Government actually step up in these very difficult circumstances and deliver a unified response? I’m not seeing it yet.

“If it’s there and I haven’t seen it, I will be delighted and happy to hold my hands up, just show me the plan.”

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