Fewer EU Citizens Seek Work in U.K. — Brexit Cited — Brexit also prompts skilled European workers to leave the UK

Some industries concerned that labor shortages could crimp expansion plans and slow economy

July 31, 2017 5:30 a.m. ET

FLITWICK, England—Neil Goldman, who employs workers from across the European Union’s in his food-packaging business, blames the U.K.’s Brexit vote last year for making vacancies harder to fill.

Britain has for years been a magnet for European job seekers drawn by decent wages, the English language, and plentiful openings in the country’s easy-to-hire economy. That attraction now appears to be waning as a consequence of its vote to…

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Financial Times

Brexit prompts skilled European workers to leave the UK

Number of EU nationals looking for work in Britain also falling

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Marcin Czyza, a Polish carbon credits trader, found himself in a new kind of business after the UK’s vote last year to leave the EU — helping relocate highly skilled European nationals from Brexit Britain.

Mr Czyza, who is based in Amsterdam, was overwhelmed by requests from acquaintances in London seeking work as professionals outside the UK. He set up a website, Expat Exit. In May, he left his old job when the number of people looking for work on his database topped 2,000.
“Perhaps because of my trading background, I’ve realised these people are a valuable commodity,” the 34-year-old says. As Mr Czyza sees it, Britain’s Brexit vote has created a market for highly qualified workers.
While worries about low skilled immigration played a big role in the referendum — often because of fears about the impact on wages and public services — the vote’s consequences have also been felt higher up the socio-economic scale.
The biggest Brexit-related problem British employers face is the loss of access to skilled European workers, according to a paper by the UK’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.
It concludes that “the EU has offered employers an important safety valve for organisations that cannot find skilled labour from the UK” — until now. A survey by Baker McKenzie, a law firm, also found last month that more than half of the skilled EU workers employed by companies on the FTSE 250 stock market index are likely to leave Britain before the Brexit negotiations end.
A separate survey of 2,000 non-British workers, by Deloitte, the professional services group, found that 47 per cent of highly skilled EU workers were considering leaving the UK within the next five years.
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