‘Infinitesimally Small’ Chance of Brexit by March 2019, Archbishop Says — Raised the possibility of Britain cancelling Brexit

LONDON — The chance of Britain’s exit from the European Union taking place by March 2019 is “infinitesimally small” because domestic political wrangling will prevent the detailed work that is needed for Brexit, the Archbishop of Canterbury said on Monday.

Justin Welby, spiritual head of the Anglican communion of millions of Christians globally, has called for a cross-party commission on Brexit, warning that since Prime Minister Theresa May lost her parliamentary majority there was a temptation for every disagreement to become a vote of confidence.

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Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

“There are literally thousands of separate agreements to come to,” Welby told BBC Radio on Monday.

“If each one of those has to be argued as a point of confidence on the floor of the (parliament’s) House of Commons, the chance of getting this done in what’s now roughly 18 months is infinitesimally small,” he said.

After May’s failed gamble on a snap election, the future of Brexit has been thrown into question with May facing public pressure to temper her plans for a clean break with the EU.

While both May’s Conservatives and the opposition Labour Party now explicitly support leaving the club the United Kingdom joined in 1973, some of the EU’s most powerful politicians have raised the possibility of Britain cancelling Brexit.

Negotiations on the future relationship between Britain and the EU are now less likely to start in October due to a lack of progress at the initial stage of talks about the breakup, Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has told EU ambassadors.

Welby, a member of parliament’s upper House of Lords, said that while major questions, such as membership of the EU’s single market, were “huge political decisions”, there were thousands of other things that could be decided by a commission.

“Can the politicians not put at the front of their minds the needs of the United Kingdom to come out with a functional working system for Brexit and agree that certain things are … off the political table and will be decided separately in an expert commission?” he said.

(Reporting by Kylie MacLellan; editing by Guy Faulconbridge)


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