Nearly 70 sub-Saharan African migrants crossed the razor-wire-topped fence into Spanish enclave near Morocco — 14 people hospitalised — “Desperation makes them stage a mass assault of the fence here.”


August 1, 2017

MADRID (Reuters) – Around 70 sub-Saharan African migrants crossed the razor-wire-topped fence separating northern Morocco from the Spanish enclave of Ceuta on Tuesday, leaving 14 people hospitalised, the Red Cross said.

Local police said 200 people rushed the border in a bid to reach Europe. Around 60 managed to enter the territory and were attended by the Red Cross.

Migrants frequently jump or cut through the fences of Spain’s two enclaves in northern Africa, Ceuta and Melilla, or attempt to reach them by swimming along the Moroccan coastlines.

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In a previous instance of this type, an African migrant is lowered down from a border fence by a Spanish Civil Guard — REUTERS/Jesus Blasco de Avellaneda

The number of migrants entering Spain via Ceuta and Melilla more than doubled in the first six months of the year from the same period last year to 3,200 people, according to Spain’s Interior Ministry.

Once within the enclaves, migrants are either returned to their country of origin or moved to the Spanish mainland, which many use as a jumping-off point for the rest of Europe.

The migrants used wire cutters to breach a gate, according to a spokesman from the Ceuta government. Between 1,000 and 1,500 people are camping out in the scrub and woods around the enclave waiting for the opportunity to rush the border, he said.

The last major push in to one of the enclaves was in May when some 300 migrants attempted to jump the fence in Melilla. Around 100 successfully crossed the border.

(Corrects to show 70 people crossed border, not injured)

Reporting by Raquel Castillo; Writing by Paul Day; Editing by Raissa Kasolowsky

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African migrants lie exhausted after crossing the border from Morocco to Spain’s North African enclave of Ceuta, Spain, early August 1, 2017. ©  Jesus Moron / Reuters


67 migrants storm into Spanish enclave bordering Morocco, 14 injured (VIDEO)

More than 60 migrants managed to gain access to the Spanish territory of Ceuta after breaching a fence separating the autonomous city from Morocco, according to the Civil Guard and Red Cross. Fourteen people were injured during the crossing.

Around 200 sub-Saharans attempted to overcome the six-meter (20-foot) border fence at around 5:30am local time on Tuesday, according to the Civil Guards of Ceuta, as cited by Reuters. Some climbed the fence, while others tried to break some of the gates, according to sources cited by El Pais.

Sixty-seven people were able to successfully breach the razor-wire fence.

Fourteen people were transferred to hospital for cuts and fractures, the Red Cross wrote on Twitter.

Finalmente @CruzRojaCeuta atiende a 67 personas entre el vallado, los Rosales y el CETI, de los que traslada a 14 por heridas y fracturas

Other reports stated that seven people had been taken to hospital, while Helena Maleno Garzón, spokeswoman for the NGO Caminando Fronteras, said that “dozens” had been injured, many of them teenagers.

Aprox. 50 personas logran saltar la valla de Ceuta. Del lado marroquí decenas de heridos, muchos de ellos adolescentes 

The migrants reportedly used violence to deter agents from approaching, using stones, sticks, and cutting tools, Civil Guard sources told Efe news agency, as cited by ABC España.

The Civil Guard reported that three of its agents were injured, according to El Mundo.

Ceuta, one of two Spanish territories in North Africa, is a hub for African migrants trying to reach Europe. The Tuesday crossing follows two unsuccessful attempts last month, both of which were stopped by Moroccan security forces.

Around 300 migrants successfully crossed into Ceuta in February, kissing the ground and shouting “Viva España!” upon arrival. It came just three days after around 500 migrants made the same crossing.

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