‘Secularism’ of the Arab Gulf countries — Qatar will not surrender its Islamic identity and Islamic teachings

03 Aug 2017 – 5:47

Dr. Khalid Al-Shafi | Editor-in-Chief

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As masks are dropped, secrets exposed and the public has become well aware of the hidden objectives and suspicious ambitions of one of the GCC countries, it is not a surprise to see all attacks being launched against Qatar.

Yes, it is not a surprise to see all these offences and pre-planned and multi-faceted fabrications against Qatar being employed to insult it because of the reputation it has gained in international fora and efforts it has made to get its name engraved in corridors of global policies.

Perhaps envy has made the vision of the leaders of this certain country but it is extraordinarily unusual to see such level of controversy, leveling of allegations and twisting of ground realities and established facts.

Openly speaking about plans to introduce secularism in the Arab Gulf countries in the coming years is a naked interference and aggression on other countries affairs. It is political arrogance which will once turn over to its planners.

The incessant interventions of this country in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Mali and other places have made it feel as if it is a super power to whom the whole region should obey and listen to its dictations.

Statements and leaked correspondences of one of its diplomats have also revealed that a new Middle East led by this country is being designed in dreams.

Aspirations towards the future and assuring the advance of states in the field of science and technology should be the target of the policy-makers of the region instead of adopting immature polices and trying to violate other states’ sovereignty to determine their future as it will be political suicide.

Statements welcoming secularism have been repeatedly made by officials of this country including one of its media officials who said people have to choose between ISIS (Daesh) or secularism as if Arab Gulf countries have to choose one of two alternatives; terrorism or to coming out of Islam.

Is there anyone who could ask these officials in which direction they are heading? This is a very dangerous statement which must be strongly opposed and strictly rejected specially in the Gulf region which is being governed by Shariah law.

There is a saying that egotism makes one blind, and I say arrogant people dig a grave for themselves. What is the position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the carrier of the banner of Islam about all these statements? Where are Saudi scholars who were speaking a lot about politics and obedience to leadership?

Till we see the suitable reactions to these statements and ideas, I would like to say that Qatar will not change unless it is convinced by its own specially on religious matters. Qatar is a state which believes in freedom of people but at the same time it sticks to its Islamic identity and Islamic teachings.



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