UK ready to pay £36bn Brexit bill, but only if EU talks trade

Time to talk trade: British negotiators say the current structure of the Brexit talks is not workingCREDIT: AP

Britain is prepared to pay up to £36 billion to the EU to settle the so-called Brexit divorce bill, The Telegraph can reveal.

Senior Whitehall officials have concluded that such an offer – the first time a precise figure has been proposed – is the only way to break the current deadlock in negotiations.

However, the UK will only agree to pay the sum – equivalent to €40 billion – it if the EU agrees to negotiate the financial settlement as part of a deal on future relations, including a trade deal.

There separate sources in Whitehall and government with knowledge of the UK’s negotiating strategy confirmed the figure, dismissing previous reports that Theresa May would agree to a £50bn bill as “too high”.

The British side is understood to believe that progress has been made during four days of talks, despite bleating from EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier (pictured right with David Davis in Brussels today) about a lack of 'clarity' on the UK's position

British Brexit negotiators concluded after second-round talks last month that the EU had created an impossible straitjacket for the negotiation process by refusing to talk about trade until it

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