At least 8 killed in Santa Fe High School shooting — Police searching for explosives — Report

At least 8 killed in Santa Fe High School shooting

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Anyone who sees anything suspicious is urged to call 911.

Santa Fe ISD@SantaFeISD

Possible explosive devices have been located at the school and off campus. Law enforcement is in the process of rendering them safe. School has been evacuated. Call 911 if you see any suspicious item.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said he could not be precise about the number of deaths at Santa Fe High School, which went on lockdown around 8 a.m. Two suspects believed to be students were in custody.
WATCH: Sheriff Ed Gonzalez cautions death toll could rise

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzales brief media on the shooting at Santa Fe HS

The school district confirmed an unspecified number of injuries but said it would not immediately release further details. Assistant Principal Cris Richardson said a suspect had been arrested.

“We hope the worst is over, and I really can’t say any more about that because it would be pure speculation,” Richardson told reporters at the scene.

Witnesses say the shooting took place in an art class on campus between 7:30 and 7:45 a.m. Students were evacuated from the building, and backpacks were searched before they were transported to Alamo Gym at 13306 Highway 6 to be reunited with their parents.

Santa Fe High School students being escorted out by officers after active shooter incident

“We thought it was a fire drill at first but really, the teacher said, ‘Start running,'” student Leila Butler said.

Santa Fe High School student Leila Butler talks to ABC13 about the active shooter on campus.

President Donald Trump offered his condolences amid the tragedy.

President Trump gives remarks on the Santa Fe High School shooting.

Other nearby school districts put protective measures in place as well.

Dickinson ISD


We’re currently in protect mode as a precaution because of reports of a shooting at Santa Fe HS. Doors are locked & personnel are stationed at outer doors to let people in and out. No students allowed outside of building. Field trips are postponed until we go off of protect mode.

Santa Fe is roughly 36 miles outside of Houston. According to the Texas Education Agency, the high school enrollment is about 1,400 students.


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