About Peace and Freedom

We started our first ever Peace and Freedom site in 1996 to deal with global issues of the day.

Peace and Freedom Editor John Francis Carey has commented upon a wide cross section of issues in newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, The Asia Times, San Diego Union Tribune, The Washington Post, The Taipei Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, Asahi ShimbunThe Korea Times and The Washington Times for more than twenty years.

This project has turned into a wonderful skill challenge as we need physical therapy and mental challenges to combat the ill effects of MS.

Thanks to all our many helpers and readers.

We do this site firstly as therapy for our Multiple Sclerosis related neurological challenges.

The second reason is to counter the ever-growing rise of fake news and corporate sponsored news that is widely influenced by money and corruption.

There is a growing third reason: and that is to fight against the growing sense of depression, anxiety and fear in society today. For this reason we now includes some spiritual matter for many sources, but especially from Christian thinking.

Man is both a spiritual and and physical being. When we forget to nourish our spiritual side, we risk problems. We can easily forget the value of hope, love and goodness in our lives.

“Anxiously anticipate the joys of the future” has become our motto.

More on our Corporation at the end of this article:



6 Responses to “About Peace and Freedom”

  1. Muhammad Khurshid Says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks God at last I have succeeded in opening your blog. You may remember me. I am Muhammad Khurshid contributing articles to Opednews.com from Bajaur Agency, tribal areas. Earlier I have tried my best to open your address, but there was technical problem. But now I have opened your site. Your writings are very beneficial for humanity at least for me and people of Bajaur Agency. The people of Bajaur Agency really grateful to you. Situation in our areas is still stense as the terrorists and the government forces are engaged in defeating each other. The main victims of this endless war are innocent tribal people mostly women and children. I have written a letter to US President Bush on behalf of people of Bajaur Agency. In the letter the people of Bajaur Agency have shown their willingness to hand over their weapons to the United States. But so far no response was received. The most interesting thing which can be noted that the US has been spending some money on the welfare of the tribal people to win their hearts, but that money was spent through the corrupt officials of Pakistan government. The tribal areas people are now demanding that the US government and people should establish direct contact with them. As far as your web site is concerned it is mervolous and nice. Again thank you very much.
    Muhammad Khurshid
    Khar, Bajaur Agency
    Tribal Areas Pakistan

  2. davidonline Says:


    I enjoy your blog. Thank you for allowing me to make a comment or two. Peace and Freedom is what it is all about.



  3. yousef Says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks God at last I have succeeded in opening your blog. i just want to aske whene can we as palastian pepole can feel Peace and Freedom in our land
    thanks 4 every one can tell me when

  4. amanda Says:

    awesome site thanks for litting us commet!!!=)

  5. Catica Costa Says:

    Finally,I was able to getting in your site … Awesome …Peace and Freedom …

  6. Daniel Riner Says:

    Dear Mr. Carey,

    Thank you for this great website.

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