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EDITORIAL – Beyond Easter — Each of us has the power to “reset”

April 1, 2018


(The Philippine Star) – April 1, 2018 – 12:00am
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After the long Holy Week break, Christians are reenergized and, it is hoped, renewed spiritually. The faithful in this predominantly Catholic country as usual combined religious devotion with relaxation during the week, and today celebrate the miracle of the risen Jesus Christ.

Through the passion, death and resurrection, Jesus Christ fulfilled the promised redemption from sin of the descendants of Adam and Eve. Redemption also heralds change for the better, which is a good commitment to make for the faithful on this special day. The nation can certainly use positive changes.

Non-Filipinos have wondered why Asia’s bastion of the Roman Catholic faith, where politicians like to present themselves as prayerful, devout churchgoers, continues to grapple with endemic corruption and one of the highest homicide rates in the world. In many parts of the country, murder has become the ultimate tool for eliminating political rivals and keeping a clan’s stranglehold on power.

Murder is also used to silence media critics and left-leaning militants, with the failure to solve the crimes breeding impunity. Tough anti-corruption laws and a code of conduct and ethical standards for public servants are brazenly violated. The few who control power and wealth have resisted meaningful reforms that would deprive them of their entitlements even if it would make economic growth inclusive and promote national prosperity. Social injustice pushes victims to insurgent movements, which also employ lethal violence to advance their causes.

Today families gather to celebrate the risen Christ, the greatest miracle of the faith. The Christian faithful have just gone through one of the holiest periods of the year, with Easter heralding a fresh start. Commitments to change for the better must be sustained beyond Easter Sunday.

A joyous, blessed Easter to all!


Image: Simon of Cyrene assist Jesus with his cross — From the film, The Passion of the Christ.