Theresa May is expected to deliver her main conference address today in an anticipated attempt to re-establish her authority within the Tory party.

The PM will speak on the last day of the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham, just one day after Boris Johnson launched a fresh attack on her plan for Brexit.

The former foreign secretary argued that Theresa May‘s Chequers plan was “undemocratic” because it kept the UK within the “tractor beam” of Brussels.

In a subsequent interview with the BBC, the PM said she is “cross” with Mr Johnson over his Tory conference address.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Conservative Party Conference.

When does the Conservative conference end?

The conference kicked off on Sunday September 30 and will continue until Wednesday, October 3.


As the conference kicked off on Sunday, Theresa May sought to instil faith in her Brexit strategy. She said she believed her controversial Chequers deal was “in the national interest,” despite Mr Johnson’s previous claim that it was “deranged.”

Cabinet ministers continued to back the Prime Minister though, with Philip Hammond saying Chequers would deliver an immediate “deal dividend” to the economy.

Meanwhile on day two of the conference, Michael Gove launched a £15 million project to cut down on food waste.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has called for a ‘British values test’ to replace the current “pub quiz” for people seeking UK citizenship.

Boris Johnson was initially expected to stray away from discussing Brexit, but he used his speech to pounce on Theresa May’s Brexit strategy, calling on the government to “chuck Chequers.”

Today, Theresa May announced plans for straight couples to be allowed to enter into civil partnerships.

Boris Johnson says it’s time to ‘chuck Chequers’

Theresa May will make her keynote speech on the final day of the conference, October 3, at 10am.

She will declare that Britain’s post-Brexit future is “full of promise” as she seeks to rally support behind her fractious party.

Where can I watch the conference?

BBC Parliament will be covering the conference and Sky and Virgin Media will be streaming it.

The Conservative Party will also upload the main speeches to their YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Some Conservatives have turned down the invite to the main party conference and decided to attend an alternative one instead, 10 miles down the road.

Speaking for those who “believe in a full Brexit,” those in attendance will include ex-UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe and former international development secretary Priti Patel.

Robert Oulds, Head of the Bruges Group, told Sky News that the main event is “no longer for conservatives.”

The rival event will run from October 1 to 2.