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Brazil Police Raid Agricultural Minister’s Home

September 14, 2017

SAO PAULO — Brazil’s federal police conducted a raid and search operation at the house of Agriculture Minister Blairo Maggi in Brasilia, related to an ongoing bribery and graft scandal, TV Globo reported on Thursday.

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It said the raid is linked to a plea deal by former Mato Grosso state governor Silval Barbosa, who accuses Maggi of participating in a corruption scheme that lasted between 2007 and 2010. Maggi is also a former governor of Mato Grosso – a major producer of soybeans, grains and cattle.

Efforts to contact Maggi’s press representatives in Brasilia were unsuccessful.

(Reporting by Guillermo Parra-Bernal; Editing by W Simon)



Brazil’s top court to consider Temer prosecutor’s recusal

September 13, 2017


© POOL/AFP/File | Lawyers for Brazil’s President Michel Temer, who could face new criminal charges, say the country’s chief prosecutor is mounting an “obsessive persecution”

BRASÍLIA (AFP) – Brazil’s Supreme Court was scheduled Wednesday to start considering a demand by President Michel Temer for the recusal of the chief prosecutor leading a corruption case against him.

Temer’s lawyers argue that the prosecutor general, Rodrigo Janot, is mounting an “obsessive persecution” and that he is “greatly exceeding the constitutional and legal limits.”

This comes as Janot is expected to file criminal charges against Temer before he leaves his post and hands over to a new chief prosecutor on Monday. Janot is expected to charge Temer with obstruction of justice.

Congress has to approve any trial of the president and in August voted overwhelmingly to toss out a first charge, which accused Temer of taking bribes. Temer is believed to retain sufficient support to ride out a second charge.

The obstruction of justice charge would depend in part on a secret recording made by meatpacking billionaire Joesley Batista in which Temer allegedly is heard calling for payments to a jailed politician to prevent him testifying.

Batista and his brother Wesley signed plea deals with prosecutors after admitting they had run a huge bribery network to benefit their company JBS.

However the leniency accord has been torn up after Joesley Batista was accused of withholding information from prosecutors.

In another motion, Temer’s lawyers are asking the Supreme Court to block any new criminal charges by Janot until clarification of what they say are irregularities in the way the Batista plea bargain evidence was collected.

The court was due to meet at about 1700 GMT but it was not clear whether the Janot-related items would be considered quickly, with delays potentially pushing the matter to another day.


Brazil: President Michel Temer accuses chief prosecutor of bias

August 9, 2017

Lawyers defending Brazilian President Michel Temer against allegations of corruption have asked the Supreme Court to remove the attorney general from the investigation. Tension between the two has been rising.

Brazil's President Michel Temer (Reuters/A. Machado)

President Michel Temer’s defense team has accused the top prosecutor of bias in the ongoing investigation into the president, asking for him to be removed.

Temer’s lawyers said Brazil’s Attorney General Rodrigo Janot, who has charged the president (seen above) with taking bribes, was acting “beyond his constitutional limits.”

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Rodrigo Janot (picture alliance/dpa/A.Machado)Temer’s lawyers have alleged that Janot (photo) has a personal vendetta against the president

The lawyers lodged a petition demanding that another prosecutor take Janot’s place. Supreme Court Justice Luiz Edson Fachin, a judge with the Supreme Federal Tribunal, will be reviewing the petition.

There is no set timeline for a decision. However, Janot’s post is due to end on September 17 when the new chief prosecutor takes over the post. Therefore, it may be likely that the Supreme Court justice will just wait.

“The motivation, it seems, is personal,” the petition read. “We are witnessing obsessive, persecutory conduct.”

Janot has alleged that Temer arranged to eventually receive a total of 38 million reais ($12.14 million/10.4 million euros) from the world’s largest meatpacker JBS SA.

Unending corruption scandal

Tensions between Temer and Janot have risen in recent weeks after Janot filed an indictment in June accusing the president of corruption. Lawmakers decided last week, however, that the president would not stand trial on the bribery charge while still in office.

Under Brazil’s constitution, any criminal charges made against a president must be approved by two-thirds of the lower house of parliament, and only then can the Supreme Court decide whether to put a leader on trial.

Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva (Getty Images/AFP/M. Schincariol)Former President Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva is one of many accused of involvement in the graft scandal

Janot could still try to bring more charges against Temer before he steps down in September. Temer’s opponents hope a second or even third charge from Janot could be based on more solid evidence of Temer’s links to political bribes, pushing lawmakers to vote against protecting Temer from a trial.

Temer is Brazil’s first sitting president to face formal corruption charges. The case against the president is part of an unprecedented anti-corruption push that Brazil’s federal police, prosecutors and some judges have been pursuing for over three years.

More than 100 people have been convicted in the case, including former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who is currently appealing his conviction.